The Sounds of Celestial Music

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Sounds of outer space recorded by NASA.

Images of space can conjure up the feeling of a total void and deep silence, but NASA discovered that stars and planets emit sounds. Apparently a complex symphony of sounds is constantly filling outer space. It seems science has caught up with ancient wisdom and is now proving what Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras was talking about when he coined the Harmony of the Spheres, the harmonious arrangement of things, moving according to a numerical scheme.

Pythagoras believed that since planets and the stars all moved in the universe according to mathematical equations, that these equations could be translated into musical notes and produce a symphony. All sound exists as electromagnetic vibrations and now through specially designed instruments NASA space probes made it possible for us to listen to the cosmos. This amazing video captures the music of Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. Let the eerie and beautiful celestial sounds recorded in dark space take you on a cosmic journey.

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