Voyages — 13 August 2016

…left his body on 6th August 2016.

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Svadharma (aka Monas Lustmann) took sannyas on 5th September 1979. He used to live in Munich, but resided in the last few years near Fulda. He wrote two books: Sei Dir selbst ein Freund (Be your own friend) and Gegen Krebs ist viel Kraut gewachsen: Mein Blasenkrebs (Many herbs have grown against cancer: my cancer of the bladder)

Author’s bio on Amazon: Monas Lustmann was born in 1946 in Bad Wörishofen. He suffered the worst possible starting conditions because his parents were traumatized having been former concentration camp inmates. Nevertheless, Monas feels this initial burden rather as a blessing because it led him to tirelessly search for happiness. He meditated for decades until finally his true nature revealed itself to him in 2009. Since then he relaxes more and more in all-inherent human happiness.


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My beloved father Monas Svadharma Lustmann left his body with a curious and peaceful view last week. He was ready to go. Please celebrate dance, sing, cry… all is ok. I love him forever! He was the best dad I could imagine. He always let me free and loved me how I am. Love,

One of the warmhearted beings I met on my way along the rocky roads. Wishing you a smooth transition.

Hi Svadharma, my dear friend: this is Rasiko speaking. Hope you are fine where you are. You were curious to find out what happens next… Either you’ve left to Nirvana, or else you’ll be back soon. Hahaha, take it with humour or sarcasm – both of which you had in this lifetime 😉

Let’s relax together into eternity, you and me and our friends. I feel kind of childish these days, just wishing all my dearest friends shall meet again together with Bhagwan-Osho, in Buddha Hall or Hall of Eternal Buddhas. A big large boundless hall, this is in fact, a whole universe – and yes my dear Svadharma: I simply miss you. As though I feel your gentle touch in the breeze of this soft tropical night on Koh Samui.

We met in 1980 in Munich, at Satdharma Rajneesh Meditation Centre, Amalienstrasse, (anyone remember it?) and been in contact ever since. And now you’re gone. No more emails, no more of those rare meetings since I left Germany. Mai pen rai, never mind.

Your old friend, now living in Thailand since long. Farewell, Alles Gute!
Sw. Gyan Rasiko