Uplifting event for young students in Assam


Ageh Bharti, an octogenarian, tirelessly travels around India to host Osho events. He reports from the latest occasion in Assam.

The Osho Event took place at Cotton College, Guwahati, Assam, India, addressing young girls and boys of post graduate classes and their professors, on August 18, 2016. The function was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Cotton State University, Guwahati. The College is reputed not only located in the city but the entire province of Assam feels proud of that college. Every department has its own auditorium in addition the large general auditorium. The College was instituted in 1901 by Sir Henry Stedman Cotton, K.C.S.I., then Chief Commissioner of the erstwhile British province of Assam who expressed genuine concern for the cause of higher education in the province.


The audience enjoyed Ageh Bharti’s very dynamic and straightforward speech and during the two hours’ session that included questions and answers, the listeners applauded enthusiastically.

Ageh Bharti spoke about his recently launched movement, ‘Osho New Man International’. As soon as there are 1000 members, as a first agenda a rally in New Delhi will be launched, inviting the national and international media, demanding the heads of all the nations through the UNO to declare ‘One Earth, One Humanity and One Government’. By doing this, 70 to 80% of the world’s budget that is used for defense will be released and can be used for education, health and other ways to uplift the people.

He explained, “We want love, not atom bombs. We are one humanity. Otherwise you can’t be called cultured people. In ancient days we might have needed weapons to protect us against wild animals and for that we made stone weapons. Now we are educated enough to live as one brotherhood.”

The second agenda Ageh Bharti brought up is about young boys and girls who fall in love and which their parents refuse to accept and marry them off. Many of those young people commit suicide. He said, “It is a very bad sign that young people who should be full of enthusiasm for life commit suicide. I would like to adopt them legally and invite them to live here with full dignity.”

At this point a female professor asked, “Sir, do you have any plan for the poor?”  

Ageh Bharti answered, “I have no plans for the poor, but I have a vision. If any of you are interested, I can guide you. Otherwise I have no plan for them. We are fighting for higher values. The entire life on earth is in danger. Young people to whom the future belongs, are committing suicide. For the poor, Mother Teresa’s company and so many other social workers are already doing the work. The politicians are working to remove poverty since the time the country became independent, and if we succeed in declaring ‘One Earth, One Humanity and One Government’, then nobody should be poor.”

After responding in this very rebellious manner he was rewarded by a round of applause including the professor who had asked the question.

Another female professor asked, “Sir how do you define the new man?”

Ageh Bharti said, “First of all you should know that Osho is an enlightened Master like Lord Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and alike. And he has categorically said that ‘New Man or No Man, there is no third alternative.’  If you have recognized a Buddha you care to listen to him attentively and try to do what is good for you and the rest of humanity. The new man won’t have adjectives like caste, religion, nations etc. Because wherever there is division, a partition, there is fight. The new man will meditate at least one hour each day. There are many things that you can find in his books, but for want of time I can only suggest to read and/or listen to Osho and you will start having more understanding.”

A girl asked, “Sir, I have a friend from the opposite sex but we are only friends. Yet people go on rumouring against me. What to do?”

“Just don’t care about fools,” replied Ageh Bharti. “Such rumours are the job of fools alone. If somebody starts becoming an individual, people feel jealous. One who starts living the life as he thinks to live, will be criticized, condemned. You live your life as you think is right, ok?”

One girl asked, “What should we do when we are compelled to do something that we don’t want to?”

“Roughly there can only be two kinds of things we might be asked to do. One is simple, nothing is involved in it – for example there are certain rules to be followed driving on the road. If we don’t follow them, somebody may compel us to follow them; in fact we should follow such systems. However, there are some things that take your soul. We mustn’t compromise there even if we have to give up our life. If you want to be an individual, not a crowd, you will have to face many obstacles. But if you don’t submit to wrongs, courage is born on its own – look at Malala! (1) She attained to individuality through her revolt. So you have to use your discretion here, no readymade formula can be given to anyone as to what to accept and what to revolt about. But I hope you understand!”

At one instance during his speech, all the girls stood up to clap.

At the end, Dr Chhaya Bhattacharya, HOD of the Hindi Department thanked Ageh Bharti for a very stimulating talk and expressed hope for more such programs in future.

Swami Gyan Anugrah and Ma Prem Karuna had come from Solan, Uttarakhand with large amounts of Osho books, CDs and magazines. They often generously gift books and magazines to Colleges and Libraries and deserve real thanks.

Preceding this event by a day, Ageh Bharti gave a talk at the B K Das Commerce College in Guwahati, which was attended by students and teaching staff and also highly praised. It was a 90 minute session including questions and answers. Following that, a lecture was arranged in the Marwari Library Hall with many people of the city’s literary circles present.

Thanks to Swami Anand Prakash, Swami Anand Bhairav and Pankaj Sen, who organised the talks and conducted a two-day Osho Meditation Camp with 40 people on August 14-15 as well.

(1) Malala Yousafzai defied the Taliban in Pakistan and demanded that girls be allowed to receive an education. She was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in 2012, but survived and went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

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