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Deva Peter’s book about the 93 Rolls-Royces in Rajneeshpuram going to print and available to be ordered now.

That a staggering 93 Rolls-Royces were available to Osho for his daily drive-by through Rajneeshpuram remains an enigma in particular to the world-wide media even after more than 30 years! About 90% of all articles about Osho to this day refer to them.

Much has been said about the reason for so many cars, and many questions were asked. On one occasion Osho answered, “All my efforts are to shock people. My ninety Rolls-Royces have shocked millions of people around the earth. Can you see the joke?”


Deva Peter wrote the essential book about those Rolls-Royces. This hard-cover, 120-page tome, replete with dozens of colour photographs, is full of personal stories about the relationship between Osho and Peter, who, from 1981 through 1985, custom-painted 45 of the Rolls-Royces. His recollections include episodes about his confrontations with Sheela and some of her staff, and other never before published stories from Poona 1 and the Ranch.

The book is a limited edition collector’s item priced at $39.95. Based upon advanced orders received by Viha Connection, 100% of profits from the sale of this book will go to support the publication of Viha Connection.

As printing is to commence in early October, you can order the book now on OshoViha or contact OshoViha via e-mail: oshoviha at oshoviha.org

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