All Politicians Are Mentally Sick

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Beloved Osho,
We find that many intelligent people, like scientists, philosophers, and even politicians, express great admiration and respect for us individually and for the way we live together – but they refuse to understand that we point to you as the source of this. Where is the block?

Osho with Vivek Manali

It is very simple to understand.

To admire you is not difficult. In admiring you they are still higher than you. They are great intellectuals, scientists, politicians, artists, and their admiration in no way hurts their ego – in fact it fulfills it.

But if you point towards me as the source of your lifestyle, of your individuality, of your way of being, then they will not be able to admire it. Then a tremendous jealousy arises. They cannot put me down; they can only accept me as a higher source than their own intelligence – and that’s where the trouble is.

It is better not to point to me; and have a good relation with all those people. If you point to me then you immediately hurt their egos. They cannot accept me because I am hitting at the very sources of their conditioning. I am not accepting their intellectuality as intelligence. I don’t care about their Nobel Prizes, because those are all political games.

I have no respect for any politician in the world because all politicians are mentally sick, and they are suffering from an inferiority complex.

So if you point to me then certainly you hurt them, offend them. There is no need to do that. If they are admiring you, it is perfectly good. They expect to be admired by you in response. They cannot expect to be admired by me. Even if they admire me I am going to hit against their conditionings which are basically wrong, and which have lead humanity into a mess.

So it is better not to mention my name.

Osho, Light on the Path, Ch 28, Q 1

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