He is with me


A poem by Madhuri – dedicated to Osho.


He is with me
in the darkness of my tentacles.
He is with me in the dark pub
where candles light the faces of the rovers
who have always been here.
He is with me
down the long nights’
grizzled breath,
and the fruits of night hanging
like tongues.
The cows, huge as mountains
moving in the dark,
the mud sucking my homeward shoe-feet –
And in the mornings of light haze
where thick toads
are my throat and eyelids
where i am sinner, sinner, sinner.
Where light shocks the night away
i see that i’ve scrubbed
depth from myself
with soft and deadly oblivion;
snakes in smoke:

He is with me
far away from my
tentacles in the night
far from bad boys throwing
peanuts up my dress
far from
dark journeys by rickshaw
where somebody’s arms hold me,
it no longer matters whose,
and this is joyful,
and perfect.
I am going to the movies,
the restaurants and horses,
cowgirl with guns, gliding on shale,
midnight clothes and velvet,
men with earrings, and
men with grizzled mind-graphs
chanting their turn.
I am with me
in him and far away
from him and me,

in regret and
beaming, He is with me,
i am here.

MadhuriPoem by Madhuri from the soon-to-be-published book ‘The Poona Poems’
Sculpture of Osho by Vinit
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