Cause and effect is a blind relationship


You cannot see enlightenment, you can see only the consequence of it.

You cannot see what has happened to me, but you can see something has happened, something like x. There is no need to call it enlightenment either, just x will do. Something mysterious has happened. And the more you feel me, the more you will become aware of it; and when you become more aware of it, something inside you will start responding to it. What has happened to me can trigger a process in you. It cannot be the cause of your enlightenment, remember; your enlightenment will not be the effect of my enlightenment. There is no cause/effect relationship between the Master and the disciple, there is a totally different kind of relationship.

Osho with turban

Just in this century Carl Gustav Jung was able to penetrate into the mystery of that different kind of relationship. He calls it ‘synchronicity’. Cause and effect is a scientific relationship; synchronicity is a poetic relationship. By ‘synchronicity’ what is meant is that if something has happened somewhere and you become available to it, you remain vulnerable to it, something can start responding in you parallel to it. But it has not been the cause of it, it cannot cause it.

It is just like somebody is playing beautiful music and a great desire arises in you to dance. It is not caused by the music, it is a parallel response in you. Something that was fast asleep in you – the energy to dance – has been hit; not caused, just hit, provoked, inspired. It is synchronicity. If it is a cause then it will happen to everybody.

For example, you are here, three thousand sannyasins are present. I am available to all of you, but you are not all available to me or, even if you are available to me, you are available in different ways. The quality differs, the quantity differs. If I can be a cause of your enlightenment, then all three thousand of you will become enlightened. But I am not the cause, I can only become a catalytic agent. But for that, you have to be open towards me. If I were a cause, there would be no need for you to be open to me. Fire burns whether the wood is open to it or not; it is a cause. Water evaporates at hundred-degree heat; whether it is open to the heat or not doesn’t matter.

Cause and effect is a blind relationship, it is materialistic: it is between matter and matter. But synchronicity is not material, it is spiritual, it is poetic, it is a love affair. If you become open to me, something will start happening to you. And remember, I am not the cause of it. You need not thank me, you need not be grateful to me. I am not the cause of it. If anybody is the cause of it it is you, because you opened towards me. I could not have done it alone. There is no doing on my part. I am present, all that is needed is that you also be present here and something will start happening. And nobody is doing it, neither I am doing it nor are you doing it. I am available, you become available, and these two energies fall into a love affair, they start dancing together.

So don’t be worried that you cannot know about my enlightenment.

You say, ‘I can only feel your beauty and trust.’

This is enough. This will do. And once it has happened in you, you will know. To know a Buddha one has to become a Buddha, to know a Christ one has to be a Christ.

Osho, The Secret of Secrets Vol 1, Ch 2, Q 1 (excerpt)

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