You will have to go into your naked essence

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Henri Bergson spoke at the beginning of this century. He said, ‘The addition to the body brought by technology calls for a corresponding addition to the soul.’

The modern man looks more soul-less than in any other age, and the reason is: science and technology have added much to the body. The body has become stronger, lives longer. The brain has become stronger, has become more knowledgeable. Compared to the body and the brain – and the brain is part of the body – the soul has remained very very poor. It is almost neglected, ignored. Nobody cares about it. Who thinks about one’s own essence?

Essence of hot chilli

Going to the church or to the temple is not going to help. You will have to go within yourself. You will have to put off your shoes. You will have to go into your naked essence. Only then will you be able to reconnect yourself with the cosmos. It is from there that you can be bridged again with reality.

Osho, The Secret of Secrets Vol 1, Ch 3


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