Anything can be turned into meditation


Osho states, “Wall Street is as good as any Himalayan cave.”

Osho and Nirvano

Life is non-purposive.
It is not going anywhere, it has no goal.
The journey is the goal itself!
That’s what I want my sannyasins to learn:
the journey is the goal itself.
Move non-seriously, playfully,
and then whatsoever you are doing is meditation.
Any act done playfully becomes meditative.
Meditation is the quality that arises naturally
when you are enjoying, non-seriously.
Yes, playing cards can be meditative,
gambling can be meditative,
business can be meditative.
Anything can be turned into meditation.
The only thing that needs to be added
is a non-serious playfulness.
Then it doesn’t create any tension in you,
no stress is produced.
You remain relaxed.
Learn how to remain relaxed
and Wall Street is as good as any Himalayan cave.

Osho, The Wisdom of the Sands, Vol 1, Ch 3, Q 2 (excerpt)

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