A disciple afraid of darkness

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Buddha has said: Appo deepo brava – ‘Be a light unto yourself.’ From our series 1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti.

Knowledge is that which is not based on your own experience, wisdom is that which is based on your own experience. Rely only on that which you have experienced. Don’t rely on anything else – otherwise when you are left alone, all your knowledge will disappear – and nothing will be left. That which has come from others is not going to be with you when others have left you. Only that which is yours will be yours.

Stormlight with candle

A disciple was leaving his Master. It was a dark night and it had become late. The disciple was a little apprehensive, because he had to pass five miles of dense forest to reach to his village.

The Master saw that fear. He said, “Are you afraid of the darkness?”

The disciple said, “Yes, I am afraid, but I couldn’t gather courage to say so.”

The Master said, “Don’t be afraid.”

And the Master lit a candle, gave the candle to the disciple, and said, “This will do. You go.”

When the disciple was going out of the door, the Master suddenly blew the candle out.

The disciple said, “I don’t understand what you have done. Just a moment before you lit the candle for me with such compassion. Now why are you so cruel? Why have you blown it out?”

The Master laughed. He said, “My candle will not be of much use to you.”

Buddha has said: Appo deepo brava – ‘Be a light unto yourself.’

Quote by Osho from The Discipline of Transcendence – Discourses on the forty-two sutras of Buddha, Vol 4, Ch 9

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