Watch the drama

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (102)


Existence is a play of sun and shade
of hope and despair
of happiness and sorrow,
of life and death.
So existence is duality –
a tension of opposite poles,
a music of contrary notes.

photo of Osho taken during a meditation camp

To know it,
to recognize it,
to experience it as such,
is to go beyond it.
This transcendence is the real sadhana,
the real achievement.

The key to this transcendence
is the witness state.
Bid goodbye to the doer,
live in the witness state.
Watch the drama.
Don’t drown in it,
rather be drowned in observing.
Then happiness and sorrow,
birth and death,
remain just a play;
they do not affect you
they cannot affect you.

All error, all ignorance,
comes from identification.

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