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Laherubhai writes about Osho’s controversial discourses in Mumbai. “It happened that Osho managed to get work done through me for which I had no knowledge, experience or skill. This was a matter of great fortune for me.”

Osho giving a talk

On August 28, 1968, Osho’s discourse was arranged at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai, on the last day of the Paryushan discourse series organized by Mumbai Jain Yuvak Sangha.

Osho never decided on which subject to talk. Whenever his discourses were organized, he would ask the organizers, “Today, on which subject should I talk?” He would then talk for about one and half hours on that subject.

At Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan the organizer, Shri Parmanandbhai Kapadia, asked him to talk on the subject of ‘Love’.

Whenever Osho spoke on any subject, he would go very deep into the topic and express his opinion in much detail. Talking on the subject of love, he covered the subject of bliss and sex, and because of this the Jain Society was very disturbed. Fundamentalist Jains became very angry with him and started to condemn and criticize him strongly.

So Osho said to me, “Laheru, do one thing; arrange a series of five discourses on ‘Sex, Religion and Life’ so that the whole matter can become clear.”

On Osho’s instruction, his discourses were arranged every evening from Sept 28 to October 2, 1968, at Kranti Maidan, Gowalia Tank, Mumbai. (On one day, the discourse could not be held because of heavy rains.) In these discourses, about twenty-five to thirty thousand people were present and the whole ground was packed.

On a sensitive subject like sex, only a person like Osho could dare speak in public. With such authority, logic and aggressive speech he was breaking the prejudiced fundamental conditionings, and caused much anger and disturbance, in particular in the traditional fundamentalist sections of society.

Some aggressive people tried in all possible ways to stop Osho from talking on this subject, so much so that they even threatened to murder him. Because of all this, my friends and I became frightened and worried. We were afraid and wondered what we would do if these people created trouble and sabotaged the meetings.

We four friends, Kakubhai, Laxmi, Ishwarbhai and I, asked Osho about his security arrangements, but he said, “There is no need for it now. If it will be needed I will tell you.” We were all worried, so we decided to arrange one security guard for him.

The discourse in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and the four discourses in Kranti Maidan were published as one book of five discourses. The name of the book was decided to be ‘From Sex to Superconsciousness’. A great disturbance and controversy arose because of this, but the demand for the book increased immensely. This book was translated into many languages.

As the protest against Osho increased in society, my interest in him also increased. I was very happy to work under his instructions. I felt that Osho could get done through me whatever work was right and necessary. I was not qualified to do the work, but it happened that he managed to get work done through me for which I had no knowledge, experience or skill. This was a matter of great fortune for me.

Because of all this, I got the opportunity to learn and understand so many things, which became useful in my inner and outer development. For this, I am very grateful to Osho.

Excerpt from Chapter 4 (Sex, Religion and Life – Kaam, Dharm aur Jivan), of Laherubhai’s book ‘Blessed Moments with Osho’ – with editing from Osho News – available as a hardbound book from Osho Viha or from the author:

LaheruLaherubhai (aka Chaitanya Sagar, Laherchand B. Shah) was born in August 1938. At the age of 28, in 1967, he met Osho. He has been running his own business in Mumbai and Osho insisted he continue his job, along with meditation, and asked him to remain in ‘the market place’. In the same building as his office, he and other Osho friends started the first meditation centre. Laherubhai lives in one of Mumbai’s busiest districts.

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