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A contemporary new online information site about Osho, the creative result of a group of sannyasins who were with Osho from the seventies on, most of them working for his publications.

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OSHO Life and Vision (osholifeandvision.com) is a wonderful source of information and tool for researchers, scholars and lovers of Osho to find out more about the mystic Osho.

The home page introduces the content which will be described here in short:

The page named Osho, an extraordinary mystic gives an introduction to our master, with brief quotes by Bernard Levin and Tom Robbins, and explains the purpose of the website: to bring clarity and balance to the flood of often erroneous information that has been published in the global media in recent months.

Then follows a comprehensive, stunningly designed, illustrated Biography with many links that lead to further explanatory pages or pop-ups.

The large next section is Contemporary Commentary, shown in four segments:

1) Contemporary media accounts – Osho as seen by journalists who actually went and investigated him in person

2) Written testimonials by professionals, such as psychologists, philosophers, social scientists, artists, religious professionals, et al, who engaged themselves with Osho and his vision

3) Media accounts of Pune One (1974-1981), shown in three segments: Discourses, Groups / Workshops, Life and Work in the ashram (Activities)

4) Media accounts of Rancho Rajneesh (USA 1981-1985)

Another highlight is Vision. For the first time, hours of private talks Osho gave to his secretary, Anando, in the year before he left the body are being made public. The topics range from Philosia, to God, Religions, Society, Meditation, Enlightenment, and lastly to Beyond Enlightenment. The notes are the basis for her soon to be published book, The Philosia of Existence, the World of Osho.

Meditations – this section is in three parts:

1) The Art of Witnessing that links to 112 techniques (Tantric Book of Secrets) described in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

2) Meditation Techniques with descriptions of Osho’s Dynamic, Kundalini, Nataraj, Nadabrahma and Gourishankar Meditations

3) Meditative Therapies with descriptions of The Mystic Rose, No-Mind, Born Again

If you think you have seen it all, there is one more section, of course that of Osho’s Books that can be browsed by subject or in chronological order. Osho’s Books gives some details on how his books were created and how he wanted them to be produced and Osho’s Personal Library describes his life-long interest in books.

A beautiful project for all those who want to know more about Osho and his work and vision.


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