Osho’s acceptance includes even disease

Remembering Here&Now

During the Mt. Abu meditation camp in September 1971, Ageh Bharti asked Osho about his health since he had moved to Mumbai.

Osho and Kranti on his left
Osho at Mt. Abu with Kranti sitting at his left side

Osho had travelled from Mumbai to Mt. Abu to conduct this particular meditation camp, and stayed at the Rajasthan Circuit House. On one morning he sat on a chair on the lawn outside the Circuit House, with Kranti, Kusum, Kapil and me sitting on the green grass in front of him.

I asked Osho, “Acharyaji, you are not keeping good health in Mumbai. Is it so?”

Osho replied, “It appears to be so until now. I’ll watch for a few months.”

Kapil intervened, “Acharyaji, is it possible to experiment with ‘divine healing’ on you?”

Osho replied with a guffaw, “It is not possible on me. In fact, inside me, there is no desire that the disease should leave me. Friends take me to doctors, so I go. The doctor gives medicines, so I take them. Whatever you do, I accept. Even the disease, when it comes, is accepted and in the depth of my being there is no such feeling that the disease should leave me. Therefore, with me, there is a great difficulty. Any sickness that comes to me, stays for long. A disease too gets co-operation.

“Doctors are puzzled because they have cured thousands of patients of a particular disease yet the same disease does not leave me. So, the ‘divine healing’ is not possible on me,” Osho said laughingly.

He then reiterated, “During ‘divine healing” the patient must feel that the disease is leaving him and he is being cured. The deeper the feeling, the sooner he will be healthy again. So ‘divine healing’ is not possible on me.”

What compassion for even a disease – such acceptance!

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