…left her body on 15th November 2018.

Prabhuta in Avery
with Ageha Prem
Prabhuta teaching
Woman's work in the Plaza
Prabhuta, Dheeraj and Dariya
with Sujata
Seated with Dheeraj
With the Dalai Lama

Ageha Prem’s tribute:

A treasured friend and Soul Sister of mine, Susanne Prabhuta, has left for The Other Shore.

A great being, who so deeply touched the hearts of everyone lucky enough to cross her path.

Working for decades as a popular group leader, Prabhuta was a source of inspiration for everyone willing to receive her wisdom.

Her tireless passion for new methods to restore health and balance, combined with her childlike passion for putting the smile back on people’s faces, created her presence as a true gift for this world.

It was in Poona, in 1989, in the Vipassana Chambers where she was leading the Ignition Group, that I first met Prabhuta.

Clad in jeans and an oversized T-shirt printed with a huge wild Goddess image, her deep brown eyes under an abundance of long dark hair, and the delicate softness of her voice, flowing trough the microphone amidst the intensity of over one hundred participants… there she was, seated on a mattress, emanating an air of peacefulness, as if she was merely relaxing at home in bed.

She soon had the huge, foam-padded and rather ‘heavy’ cellar room filled with the calm radiance of her mysterious, subtle femininity, leaving me simply mesmerized.

Susanne Prabhuta was born in the UK into a family of renowned artists. Her journey with Osho started in Poona, in 1979. Later, in USA, she met with her partner, Swami Shantam Dheeraj (RIP) and lived with him in Lake Tahoe before they moved to Rajneeshpuram in Oregon. After Osho’s return to India, the couple came to Poona, where Dheeraj founded the Osho School of Tibetan Pulsing Healing.

During this era, Dheeraj and Prabhuta co-created the Tibetan Pulsing Intensive and more classes, to transmit the ancient science of Tibetan Pulsing Healing within Osho’s realm.

Prabhuta’s focus went especially to the Woman’s Work. In her events, such as the Taras of the Blue Moon, hundreds of women, foreheads decorated with indigo Moon Crescents, gathered in The Pyramids around a huge cauldron with water-floating rose petals and scents. Soon everyone present were to rediscover themselves as Modern Mystics, Healers of the Feminine and as part of an ever-growing sense of Sisterhood within Osho’s Garden.

After Dheeraj’s passing, Prabhuta continued their work in Poona, later in Europe and Russia.

Along the way, she embarked on a powerful meditative practice, Bioenergy Shaking. Inspired by the Balinese Energy Master, Ratu Bagus, she became a frequent participant in his wild, energetic Bioenergy Shaking retreats, and also inspired a large group of Shaking enthusiasts around Avebury, UK, where she had taken up residence.

The mystic Drunvalo Melchizedek and his School of Awakening became another great inspiration to Prabhuta. She received a rare training into the science and mysteries of the creative phenomenon of the Heart when unified with the Brain. With this, Prabhuta became an Awakening of the Illuminated Heart Facilitator, holding classes amidst the ancient stone settings of the Sacred Site of Avebury.

In April, I had the fortune to help her out with her last ATIH-class there. She shared afterwards how this work had connected her with an inner resourcefulness beyond all dreams and fantasies; that from then on she required nothing more and there was nowhere else to go.

Lately, Prabhuta experienced an unexplainable health issue, and on 15th November she left her body, peacefully and with a smile on her beautiful face.

Before leaving, she had shared her gratitude for everyone and for her life – and how she truly felt completed for this lifetime.

Till we meet again, Beloved!

You will be forever a Sister of My Heart!

In Love and Gratitude!


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I shared so many sweet times love with you… from Poona 1 to walks around the Stones in Avebury. For more than 40 years we shared laughter, love and a passion for Indian food together. That tiny deepest secret space in the heart is the precious gift you gave me forever to treasure.
Deva Nirguna

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to live and “work” rather close to Prabhuta for a couple of years… Quite a shock to receive the message that she left so suddenly. Such a gentle being… Love,

I was so surprised to read news of Susanne’s passing over. We met as Shakers, with Ratu Bagus, but only really got to know her in the last 5 years, doing her Heart Courses. Her presence was so calm and filled with love. She changed my life through her teachings and her presence. She will always remain in my heart with lots of Love. Thank you, Susanne
Rose Dayton xxxxxxxxx

Precious one,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful, gentle being with so many of us in the Tibetan family in Poona. You represented the feminine jewel; tender, generous and playful.
Fly high, beloved sister, in peace and bliss.
Ma Pankaj

Such a beautiful spirit, capturing the essence of the divine feminine in human form. We only met once during ATIH, but it was an honour to be within your heart space and learn from you. With love.

Ah Prabhuta, I loved you beauty and vitality. It made London bright and Tahoe warm. But most of all I appreciated your wicked sense of humor. I took it for granted that I would see you one more time again and I’m so sorry that will never happen. I love and will miss you, old friend. Poke Rudy for me. Lovingly,

I first met Prabhuta in the early 1980’s when she and Dheeraj came to Medina and trained a bunch of us, who worked at the Healing Centre, in Tibetan Pulsing. What I most remember was her wonderful touch that had a flavour of the beyond. At the time she was working on a young man with leukaemia who had come to Medina to die. She helped him through the dying process and I remember her sitting with his dead body, which was laid out in the meditation room, with her hand on his forehead. I knew her in Pune and we were both happy to find ourselves sharing a trailer at a Leela festival a few years ago. I’m so glad to have met this graceful being.

I love you, dear soulsister <3 Missing you and knowing all is well. I honor you and am in deep awe how you devoted your life to truth and love, and in such grace shared your gifts with the world. I am so grateful of our time together. Thank you, beloved sister. // Camilla

I only knew Prabhuta for a short time, having attended several of her classes in Avebury and one in Morocco. She was very kind and generous of spirit towards me and I felt her to be a sister of the heart. I am sad to have lost the chance of meeting her again in this lifetime, but I know there was a connection. Some day, in some form, we will greet each other again. Lots of love, dear Prabhuta. Bye for now, my sister.
Helen Lewarne

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