New: monthly meditation weekends near London


A heartful welcome from Nitya and the Osho Sakshi team to take part in their monthly meditation retreats.


The seemingly never-ending winter with all its damp misery
The relentless pace of everyday life
The tiredness at the end of another working day
The lack of fellowship
The lack of space
The easy distractions of all the screens around
and 100 reasons more
to skip meditating today …

It is so very difficult to find a balance in our lives, harmony between the outer and the inner. We need, in fact, to actively pursue quiet, focused times that allow us to pay attention to our inner workings.

We, a bunch of friends who have known each other for many years, are getting together in a country house near London where, for one weekend every month, we can immerse ourselves in the experience of a Buddhafield. There we can let go, relax and be at one with our own inner awareness with the help of Osho’s wonderful meditation techniques. His voice draws our attention away from the usual chatter of everyday life to this increasing awareness, while the company of experienced meditators is supporting each other’s efforts to be awake, accepting, joyful and rested. Through retreats like these we find respite and a break from the constant engagement of our minds.

We have spaces for 15 friends and anyone is most warmly welcomed to enjoy an intensive program of Osho Active Meditations, discourses, silent sittings and delicious Indian food. The three events held so far proved wonderfully uplifting and deeply enjoyable, with each better than the last.

We have extensive, personal experience of the meditation techniques and will explain the techniques involved, but we shall keep this to a minimum to avoid impacting our own meditation. We are not teachers, however, and we will not dispense any advice or guidance on spiritual matters. However, we can offer a space to be undisturbed by the crowd, to feel safe, to have that inward gaze, to let ourselves be silent, relaxed, easy, trusting.


The next event will be this coming weekend on 22–24 February 2019

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