Spring Festival in Pune


Subhuti on the recent festival at the Osho International Meditation Resort.

Spring Festival 2019

Festivals are becoming a new fashion at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune. The Monsoon Festival, held in August, has been running for some years now and attracts big crowds of Indian sannyasins, as well as some foreigners.

Now, a new Spring Festival has just been held, from March 1-5. Coming at the end of the high season, it provided a welcome boost to resort numbers at a time when normally the place is emptying out.

The festival got off to a high energy start with Vikram Singh, an ever-popular and frequent visitor. His band was hugely professional and pumped out some great dance music, so that the seated audience quickly found themselves dancing instead.

Vikram played a variety of flutes and also invited violin virtuoso, Avinash Jagtap, to accompany him, as well as a trio of classical Indian dance performers. Extra meditations were held throughout the five days and an evening Sannyas Celebration was included in the program.

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