Sannyas changes your whole vision of reality

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Osho talks on the subject of ‘Sannyas’: It “helps you to get rid of the non-essential … and meditation helps you to find the essential.”

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Sannyas and meditation are enough, nothing more is needed. Sannyas changes your whole vision of reality. It helps you to drop all ritualistic religion, all serious religion. It helps you to become non-ritualistic, non-serious, it helps you to become playful, it helps you to take life as fun. It helps you to rejoice in existence, and through that rejoicing comes real renunciation.

In the past it has been said again and again by the priests that if you renounce you will attain to bliss. I tell you just the opposite: if you become blissful there is renunciation. And that renunciation has a beauty of its own — because in your rejoicing, all that is non-essential starts dropping away — because you can see it is non-essential. The very seeing is the transformation. If after seeing you have to do something for transformation, then your seeing was incomplete, was not entire, was not total, was not real.

Sannyas means seeing how you are caught in prisons, why you are caught in prisons. And the very seeing is enough, because nothing is really holding you in the prison except your own fears; the fear of the unknown, the fear of the unfamiliar, keeps you huddled together like sheep in the crowd. And there are many crowds: Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian, Jewish — different crowds. And people are clinging to each other; they are afraid of being lost in aloneness. Meditation teaches you aloneness.

Sannyas helps you to get rid of the non-essential — in the words of the Desiderata – sannyas helps you to negate the non-essential, to drop the non-essential, and meditation helps you to find the essential, to discover the essential. And these are the only two things that are needed, nothing else is needed. Withdraw your energy from the non-essential and let it move into the direction of the essential. Discover your being, your individuality In that authentic experience is the miracle.

Osho, Guida Spirituale, Ch 7

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