Horoscope October 2019


Phoebe’s horoscope for the month of October, with quotes from Osho: “…Lovers are born and die. Love goes on.”

Cartoon of Libra and Scorpio
Libra and Scorpio

Mood of the Month

“Love is the only thing that knows no death: everything else dies. Love is the only reality that never dies. It is the eternal in existence, it is the very stuff that existence is made of… The surface changes; the core remains the same. One flower comes, another flower comes, and another. Beauty continues; flowering remains eternal. One lover, another lover and millions of lovers, but they all float in the same river of love. Lovers are born and die. Love goes on.”

Osho, The Open Door, Ch 1



Relevant Planetary Positions: Chiron in Aries. Mars in Virgo until 4th, then in Libra. Moon in Aries 12th-14th. Full Moon in Aries on 13th.

Major Aspects for Aries: Mars squares Saturn on 27th. Moon in Aries opposes Mars on 12th, squares Saturn and trines Jupiter on 13th and squares Pluto on 13th.

“If your anger is stopped, your love is also stopped, because flow is one process. That is the whole effort here… If your love is flowing, your anger is flowing, your hate is flowing. It is not possible to freeze one emotion and allow other emotions to flow. They freeze together or they flow together. It is one river… It is the same mind that waves in anger and waves in love.”

Osho, God is Not for Sale, Ch 26



Relevant Planetary Positions: Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Venus in Libra until 8th and then in Scorpio. Moon in Taurus from 14th-17th.

Major Aspects for Taurus: Venus squares Pluto on 1st, opposes Uranus on 12th and trines Neptune on 21st. Moon in Taurus conjuncts Uranus and opposes Venus on 15th and opposes Mercury on 16th.

“What is envy? It is nothing but passive jealousy… The difference may be of degrees but it is not of quality, it is only of quantity. Envy can become jealousy at any moment; envy is just jealousy in progress. Mind has to drop all envies and jealousies… Love cannot exist where envy and jealousies exist. Then your search is only for a certain type of power – that in the name of love you are just trying to fulfil the ego.”

Osho, The Beloved, II, Ch 10, Q 6



Relevant Planetary Positions: Mercury in Libra until 3rd, then in Scorpio. Mercury turns retrograde on 31st. Moon in Gemini 17th-19th.

Major Aspects for Gemini: Mercury opposes Uranus on 7th and trines Neptune on 15th. Moon in Gemini trines Mars on 17th, opposes Jupiter and squares Neptune on 18th and trines Sun on 19th.

“People ordinarily think that there are problems and that’s why we are so anxious and worried. Not so. You are worried, anxious; so you cannot live without problems. You create them. Your worry needs some problems to hang on. So if one problem is solved, immediately you create another. Just solving problems is not going to help… Try to cut the very root, the grass root – and that is the state of a tense mind. Once that state relaxes all problems simply disappear as dewdrops disappear.”

Osho, The Cypress in the Courtyard, Ch 12



Relevant Planetary Positions: Full Moon in Aries on 13th. New Moon in Scorpio on 28th. North Node in Cancer. Moon in Cancer 19th -21st.

Major Aspects for Cancer: Moon in Cancer trines Venus and Neptune and squares Mars on 20th, and trines Mercury and squares Sun on 21st.

“When you are angry you punish yourself for the other’s fault. Reaction is unaware. Response is a fully alert phenomenon. But you cannot just move from reaction to response. It is not a decision. Between the two self-remembering is needed, awareness is needed. Otherwise, before you have known, you have reacted… you are already angry… Very deep awareness is needed, remembering is needed.”

Osho, The True Sage, Ch 3



Relevant Planetary Positions: Sun in Libra until 23rd, then in Scorpio. Moon in Leo 21st-23rd.

Major aspects for Leo: Sun opposes Moon on 13th and conjuncts Moon on 28th. Sun squares Saturn on 7th and Pluto on 14th, and opposes Uranus on 28th.

“You can see it happening with all kinds of lovers – a continuous fight, a kind of intimate enmity, together and yet not together. Why is this fight there? Because of two egos. Two persons are there, and of course each person wants to dominate. The ego is a deep desire to dominate… that says, ‘I am special, higher, bigger, greater than you.’ And both are trying to do the same. Conflict is necessary, inevitable. Love cannot exist in such a state. Love exists between two presences, not between two persons.”

Osho, The Guest, Ch 4, Q 2



Relevant Planetary Positions: Mercury in Libra until 3rd, then in Scorpio. Mars in Virgo until 4th. Mercury turns retrograde on 31st. Moon in Virgo 23rd-25th.

Major aspects for Virgo: Mercury opposes Uranus on 7th and trines Neptune on 15th. Moon in Virgo trines Saturn and opposes Neptune on 24th, squares Jupiter and trines Pluto on 25th.

“Don’t try to be perfect; try to be total… Totality is not perfect. It is always imperfect because it is always alive. Perfection is always dead; anything that becomes perfect is dead… It has denied the other part. Life exists through the tension of the opposites, the meeting of the opposites. If you deny the opposite you can become perfect but you will not be total, you will miss something.”

Osho, Tao: The Three Treasures, Vol 1, Ch 1



Relevant Planetary Positions: Sun in Libra until 23rd and then in Scorpio. Mercury in Libra until 3rd. Venus in Libra until 8th and then in Scorpio. Mars enters Libra on 4th. Moon in Libra 25th-27th.

Major aspects for Libra: Venus squares Pluto on 1st, opposes Uranus on 12th and trines Neptune on 21st. Moon in Libra opposes Chiron, conjuncts Mars and squares Saturn on 26th, and squares Pluto on 27th.

“Man cannot meet with the outer woman eternally – it can only be momentary. That is the misery of love, and the joy too. The joy, the ecstasy, is because of the momentary meeting. At least for a moment one feels whole – nothing is missing, everything falls into one harmony. There is great joy, but soon it is lost… then the dark night follows. Again you are half, and more so… And now great desire arises to be in that light again and again. But each time you are there it is only for a moment.. Hence the ecstasy of love and the agony too; they go hand in hand.”

Osho, The Tongue Tip Taste of Tao, Ch 3



Relevant Planetary Positions: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn until 2nd, and then turns direct. Sun in Scorpio from 23rd. Mercury in Scorpio from 3rd. Venus in Scorpio from 8th. Moon in Scorpio 1st-2nd and 27th-29th.

Major aspects for Scorpio: Pluto squares Venus on 1st, and squares Sun on 14th. Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune on 1st, then conjuncts Sun, opposes Uranus and trines Neptune on 28th, and conjuncts Mercury and Venus on 29th.

“For lives we have been doing it to ourselves. We have been killing ourselves, wounding ourselves in a thousand and one ways. We are all wounds and nothing else! Each pore of our being has become a wound, and each cell of our being hurts. What are you? …a great agony, a great sigh, a great pain of failure, of boredom, of meaninglessness… If you can sit firmly, unwavering, inside yourself, in that world all is light, nothing is dark, and all is life, nothing is death.”

Osho, The Guest, Ch 13



Relevant Planetary Positions: Jupiter in Sagittarius. Moon in Sagittarius 2nd-4th.

Major Aspects for Sagittarius: Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts Jupiter and squares Neptune on 3rd and squares Mars on 4th.

“One never knows what the goal is but if you have trust, you move. If you don’t have any trust, you become stale, stagnant. If you have trust you remain unafraid, daring, courageous… An expansion of consciousness is the very purpose of life. The river should become the ocean. The bound must move towards the unbounded. The finite should lose itself in the infinite.”

Osho, The Cypress in the Courtyard, Ch 23



Relevant Planetary Positions: Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. South Node in Capricorn. Moon in Capricorn 4th-7th.

Major aspects for Capricorn: Sun squares Saturn on 7th, and Mars squares Saturn on 27th. Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Saturn and trines Uranus on 5th, and conjuncts Pluto and squares Venus on 6th.

“The real test of whether you have become silent, whether you have become happy, blissful, is when you relate – there is the criterion. If now you can remain the same in relationship as you are alone, if no change happens in your inner quality, in your inner being – no disturbance, no distraction, no wavering comes. If you can easily be related and easily be unrelated, you don’t have any fear of relationship. When love and meditation are balanced then the highest richness happens in life.”

Osho, The Open Door, Ch 12



Relevant Planetary Positions: Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Moon in Aquarius 7th-9th.

Major aspects for Aquarius: Uranus opposes Mercury on 7th, Venus on 12th and Sun on 28th. Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus and Mercury on 7th.

“You can have some sexual variety, which is really meaningless. It does not make much sense… all bodies are alike. The difference arises as you go deeper… Then you start feeling different nuances of personalities. Love is really different. One person loves in his own way, and prayer is absolutely different for each person; it is absolutely unique… One day suddenly it happens when two hearts meet in absolute trust, with no shadow of doubt, you have tasted for the first time what love is.”

Osho, God is Not for Sale, Ch 11



Relevant Planetary Positions: Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Moon in Pisces 9th-12th.

Major aspects for Pisces: Neptune trines Mercury on 15th and Venus on 21st. Moon in Pisces trines Venus on 9th and Mercury on 10th, and squares Jupiter and conjuncts Neptune on 11th.

“Anybody who moves on the path feels helpless, because on the path one becomes flexible, on the path one becomes aware – how things are. One becomes aware how small one is. One becomes aware of the tininess of his own existence and the vastness of the reality around. One is just a small drop in an infinite ocean… But once you feel helpless, the ego has been dropped. And, for the first time, from every nook and corner of existence help rushes towards you. The whole ocean rushes towards you. In your helplessness, the drop drops. You become the ocean.”

Osho, The True Sage, Ch 6, Q 1

Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss is a regular contributor for the monthly horoscope and is the author of various books on astrology. astrophoebe.com.

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