You cannot find happiness in the mind

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An interview with Shailendra Saraswati on the art of education. Shown on Janata Television, Nepal in December 2019.

Our education system gives training only to our brain, to the thinking part of the brain, the logical, argumentative, scientific, calculative part. We have something else too in our system that is called heart, the seat of emotions… a different dimension. If we move away from the thinking and go to the feeling, then we feel at ease, then we feel the joy, the happiness; you cannot find happiness in the mind.

Shailendra Saraswati was born in 1955 and is Osho’s second-youngest brother. He became a sannyasin in 1971 and got his medical degree in 1979. Friends will remember him from the ashram’s medical centre and he also stayed in Rajneeshpuram.

Having returned to India in 1985, he served as Medical Officer in Birla’s OPM Hospital, Amlai (MP) for 12 years.

In 1998 Shailendra, together with his wife Amrit Priya and Anand Siddharth created Oshodhara Mystery School to offer step-by-step spiritual programs. Five Oshodhara Ashrams were established, in Kathmandu and Chitwan in Nepal, and Punjab, Bihar and Haryana in India.

For 12 years (2005-2017) he was known as Osho Shailendra, giving public speeches in large gatherings all over India and Nepal and regular talks on Aastha TV channel. In Hindi, he has commented particularly on themes which Osho has talked about only in English, for example Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Patanjali Yog-Sutra, Atma Pooja Upanishad etc. Hundreds of his interviews are available on YouTube. His spontaneous discourses are compiled and published in 40 books.

In 2019 Shailendra and Priya founded a new organization, Osho Fragrance, to spread Osho’s worldwide in a more practical way. – more about Shailendra on

Shailendra and Priya will be visiting the States this summer and give 2 retreats: ‘Eternal Awareness Retreat’ in Miami, Florida, 9-14 June 2020 (contact and ‘Call of the Ocean Retreat’ in Dana Point, near LA, 19-21 June 2020, organized by Osho Niranjana –


Bhagawati is a communicator, writer and author with a penchant for gardening and India.

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