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A video interview of Devakant where he speaks about music (“the queen of the arts”), his first spiritual experience, how he discovered Osho, how Osho worked on him, and about creativity and discipline.

It [my life with Osho] was a very intense experience and beautiful and oftentimes quite painful. In that a true master reveals things inside you that you don’t always want to see about yourself, like peeling off the layers of the personality.

That’s what the master does. He shows you a big mirror where you find out about yourself. The master constantly provokes you to absolutely be conscious of every action you do, every word you say, every thought you have. Nothing is hidden, nothing is unimportant.

It’s all part of the story, part of revealing who you are. And at the same time he was like a deep source of unconditional love that was always present there. And that unconditional love is a very transforming force. It’s like you’re exposing your worst parts and someone is totally loving you at the same time.

This interview in ‘Voices of Meltingpot‘ was created by a Czech multi-genre discussion forum that is part of the festival Colours of Ostrava held in Ostava, Lower Vítkovice, Czechia. Published on December 24, 2019.

Devakant is a musician, composer, painter and sculptor, and Osho’s personal flautist. He has created over 20 solo albums, hundreds of compositions and countless works of art. He performs, conducts workshops and exhibits his works all over the world.

Devakant has always deeply loved music and drew inspiration from various spiritual traditions and cultures. His whole life he has been engaged in music with a meditative dimension, taught by the greatest masters of music and meditation. One of the most important milestones of his life was meeting Osho who initiated him into meditative music, and to live in his house for years.

Devakant has written a book about his rich musical and spiritual journey full of discipline and his master’s love, titled, In the Eye of the Hurricane: The Inside Story of a Disciple’s Journey.

Thanks to Veetman for finding it!

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