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Blog No. 5 from Phoebe, about the correlations the stars have with our lives at present.

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Blog 5, 8th April

Timetable of Planetary Movements

5th April, first exactitude of the three 2020 Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions.
7th April, Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus.
8th April, Full Moon in Libra opposes Sun and quincunxes Neptune.
11th April, Mercury enters Aries.

Correlations with Events in the News

5th April: The exactitude to the minute of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction symbolises a peak in the surge of the Covid virus infection (see Blog 2). It correlated with first reports of the number of new infections declining in European countries. The UK’s leader Boris Johnson, now sick himself with the virus, is removed to an intensive care unit, while the Queen is addressing the nation in an uplifting speech to give courage and promote national solidarity (Jupiter).

The rate of infections and deaths is still rising in the UK, but experts foresee the peak to be reached soon (the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is not over in a day, but remains for some weeks in orb). Meanwhile reports on the rapid spread of the virus world-wide, bring home the truth that this is a massive global pandemic which will have searing political and economic consequences. Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Saturn all converging on the same degrees in Capricorn during the first quarter of 2020 is a most exceptional astrological moment!

7th April: Mars, the speediest of these four planets has moved on and is bridging them with Uranus. Uranus (disruption, revolution) is now transiting Taurus (earth, security, material resources) and the rumbling of potential earthquakes beneath the crust (actual and metaphorical) can already be felt. Is our comeuppance nigh? We have been devastating the planet, devouring its resources, decimating its species for nigh on 300 years, and our present life style is unsustainable with the overpopulation and our limited resources,

Mars in Aquarius this month, supported by Sun in Aries, and from 11th April also Mercury in Aries, brings a strong, fresh but reckless energy to our battle with the virus. Doctors, nurses, hospital staff and other essential workers are working 12-hour shifts and longer, to the point of exhaustion, weakening their immune systems and putting their lives at risk. The danger arises now that they become driven by this Arian driving-force.

The rousing of the nation‘s social conscience has led to many volunteers rallying round to support the ‘war effort‘ and those on the ‘front line‘ of the battle (Mars is god of war). And, as Mars squares up to Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius, his present sign) friction at home is likely to erupt as pent-up anger (Mars) in Aquarius (individual freedom) explodes under the pressure of being cooped up.

8th April: Full Moon in Libra – Sun and Moon oppose each other this month from the opposite zodiac signs Aries and Libra. These stand for opposing sides of the human personality. The Aries side is impulsive and leaps before it looks, whereas the Libra side thinks long and hard, like a chess player, before making a calculated move. Whereas for our Aries side things are simple – we always put our own needs first, our Libran side can dither and hang around to see what others want before deciding. Instead of ‘me, me, me’ it’s ‘we, we, we’ for Libra.

Normally we can choose between togetherness and aloneness. Not at the moment. In the present situation of self isolating those who live alone are challenged as much as those co-habiting. ‘Hell is other people’, said Sartre. And now there’s no place to escape or hide from one another. Thus this full moon can bring some stormy hours in our relationships with those we’re locked up with, or, if we’re self-isolating alone and thrown back on ourselves, a crisis of loneliness and depression.

In the latter case, we may have always relied on a full social life to avoid our own company, and distract ourselves from our inner problems. In which case the present situation is a chance to learn a vital life lesson. We can discover it’s possible to enjoy being alone for the freedom it gives us to drop our facade and be truly ourselves. We have plenty of time to get to know ourselves in more depth. And if we cultivate the art of being happy alone, we’ll be happier later in our relationships as we’ll have become less dependent.

The quincunx between the Full Moon and Neptune in Pisces may have given us a restless night’s sleep under the full moon, feeling subconsciously the pressure of the grief in the collective that the Covid pandemic is causing.

Finally, a look ahead to the New Moon in Taurus on 23rd April which will occur in a close conjunction with Uranus. Something surprising and unexpected could occur at that point. A mutation of this virus? Or could it simply disappear as fast as it appeared? Let’s wait and see.

This series can be followed regularly by bookmarking this link: ‘2020 – The Year our Reality Changed Utterly’

Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss is a regular contributor for the monthly horoscope and is the author of various books on astrology, the latest being ‘Inside the Cosmic Mind’ – astrophoebe.com

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