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Part of an interview by Shashikant Sadaiv with Rasa Didi, aka Ma Yoga Bhakti, published originally in Hindi in Sadhana Path & Osho Today magazines in 2016.

Yoga Bhakti

Rasa is two years younger than Osho and it is a pleasure to meet her. She has seen and experienced Osho’s childhood very closely and witnessed his ways which started emerging in Osho’s childhood. Here the highlights of the interview:

Your name, that’s a already a question. Was it also kept by Osho?

Yes, my name Rasa was kept by Osho. Earlier my name was Resham. Actually, we had an aunt named Makhmal (name for a soft cloth), so my name at home was Resham (silk cloth). But when one day Osho and our uncle went to my school to enroll me, they said that my name was not good. Both of them said, “We will name you Russa.” During those days people were quite impressed by Russia; that’s from where my name was inspired. Later it was changed to Rasa. I also liked that name. He named me from Resham to Rasa, and later after sannyas I received the name Ma Yoga Bhakti.

Tell us about your childhood moments with Osho.

Though we were like all other brothers and sisters, since childhood he had a charisma, and we never fought like the other brothers and sisters. Since my childhood, there were no fights. He has been taking care of me since then. He loved me a lot.

I remember I was in 6th class. In school, every Saturday we were given a subject to speak on. During those days much emphasis was given to political leaders, but I did not know what to say about them. Osho then used to write a complete essay on them and give it to me – and I was always first in class after giving the speech. But before that he gave me a thorough training; he made me stand on top of our study table and read it 3 to 4 times. And then he would say, “Now speak without reading.” When he felt I was speaking without mistakes, he left.

What type of games would Osho play during his childhood or which games did he like?

He liked all games, but at home we would play cards and carrom board. We all – brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts – played together. During holidays we would play until 2 am.

Osho used to fly kites. On full moon we would fly kites till late in the night. Osho did not come home before 1.00-1.30 am. He could be found walking near the river, going to the burning ghat, sitting besides the Shakkar river, and gossiping with friends. Osho was very fond of painting. He made wonderful paintings or drawings of peacocks, squirrels and deer.

Because of Osho’s activities – and returning at 2 am – our father became angry. Fathers of Osho’s friends would also complain to our father that “Because of your son, our sons are being spoilt.” One day our father stood at the door with a stick and told our mother not to open the door; he would open it himself. Our mother opened the back door, and Osho was clever enough to enter through the back door and then go to sleep quietly. Dadda kept grumbling till 2 am and only later came to know that Osho was asleep.

What was Osho’s attitude towards his teachers?

All his teachers were afraid of him because he would ask such questions for which they had no answers. And the logic which he gave… the teachers could not say anything. That’s why he was punished and asked to leave the classroom.

Once a teacher told Osho to take 10 rounds on the grounds, as a punishment. Osho is Osho and he does everything with pleasure. He started taking the rounds of the grounds slowly and with total pleasure. The school hours were over and the teacher was about to go home. The teacher said, “Now stop!” But Osho said to him, “The ten rounds are not done yet. And until 10 rounds are completed you will also have to stay since you have given the punishment.” The teacher had no option but to stay.

Original and full interview in Hindi (PDF) – Translation by Anuragi – Photo by her grandson Dr Suyog

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