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Osho News talks to Prem Sadhak, one of the developers of the app and initiator of the OneWorld Meditation commencing on July 5, 2020, Guru Purnima.

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SadhakOsho News is pleased to interview Prem Sadhak, a Civil Engineer and ‘big picture’ thinker who can also connect the dots. He is the lead developer of the free app, Ask Bhagwan, to be used for the OneWorld Meditation commencing on July 5, 2020, Guru Purnima. His love for combining meditation and technology has resulted in nothing less than synchronizing the entire world for this ongoing global meditation.

The OneWorld Meditation program and the new app are supported by long-time Osho lovers and facilitators including Satya Vedant (author Dr. Vasant Joshi, PhD), Chaitanya Keerti, as seen on YouTube, and many others.

In development for the last three years, Ask Bhagwan is exceptionally clever, engaging, fun, and user-friendly in the way it categorizes massive Osho-related information in both Hindi and English. The developers have made huge personal contributions to the work of Osho and are supported by donations.

What was your moment of inspiration to create the Ask Bhagwan app?

I came across Osho by listening to one of his CDs. But before that, maybe around 6-8 months earlier, I started searching for something. I didn’t know what it was, but I used to be quite restless. After listening to Osho, I felt that this mysterious voice would quench my thirst. But the exact opposite happened. Instead of quenching, it aggravated my thirst. And then I started searching his audios and videos.

On YouTube, every file is split and doesn’t give any context to the original topic and that’s why I never liked YouTube videos (luckily). Meanwhile, I started searching Osho people around me and started collecting more material from them. I also downloaded audios from Like this, I spent 3 years listening only to him before taking sannyas. I even used to listen to him at my work.

My all-time favorite series is Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, which I heard 3 times. All 80 discourses – 3 times. While listening to it, I always used to get overwhelmed and used to think how I could spread his beautiful and incomparable message to the mad, running society?

And even if I were to tell people (and I actually started telling people), would they take that much time to listen? And even if someone takes the time to listen a whole series, it’s not necessary that they’ll get their own question answered straight away. It happened with me, even after listening to Osho every day, once in a blue moon I get my own question answered. And that’s absolutely normal, but then I thought, in this fast life, everyone cannot be as patient as me.

But at the same time, I wanted to spread the message as well. So I thought of splitting the question/answers and compile them in an application so that people don’t have to spend ages to find their answers. They can straight away find and play their own questions. And so I started working on this project thinking in terms of only Question & Answers. Hence the name – because you ask your question to Osho: Ask Bhagwan (Osho).

More and more ideas keep coming up and we are still expanding the app. My plan is to make this app a globally-connected community of Osho lovers.

How did you conceive the OneWorld Meditation program?

Back in 2018, a couple of times I made an experiment of group meditation on full moon nights with my friends. We did a one-hour Osho meditation and friends from four different countries participated in it. We tried it on Google Hangout but for some reasons (luckily) we couldn’t connect properly and so decided to do that meditation by playing music individually. This incident planted a seed in my mind that people from all over the world should and could meditate together at the same time. I became busy developing my app but no one yet knew about Ask Bhagwan.

Then this pandemic happened and for the first time we all started considering ourselves as humans. Interesting isn’t it? One of the things I noticed that, apart in books, we never called ourselves ‘humans’. For example, for animals, we call them dogs, donkeys, birds, etc., regardless of their countries, but for humans we always mentioned them as Americans, Germans, Indians, etc. For the first time, this small virus brought the whole humanity together because only humans are the target. And now everyone is realizing that the materialistic life is not going to lead us anywhere. So, it’s wake up time.

After developing Ask Bhagwan, and then with the rise of the pandemic, I thought that it would be a perfect time to start a OneWorld Meditation globally because now, for the first time, we are referring to ourselves as humans and we should raise Universal Human Consciousness to make this world more beautiful.

How do we find and download the free Ask Bhagwan app?

You can download the app from Google Play, App Store, Amazon Appstore, or as a WebApp. Ask Bhagwan is also available as a WebApp. This means you can install it on your computer as well. You can use the same credentials for desktop as well. It’s like Facebook, even on your computer you’ll see the same format, just the videos will be on the big screen.

Technically, is there anything iphone or android users need to know specifically?

Yes. We are updating the Ask Bhagwan app before the OneWorld Meditation event starts on July 5, 2020. Please make sure to update it on your handsets. And also make sure to keep Notifications ON for Ask Bhagwan app. (Normally it’s ON automatically.)

A few app users have had technical difficulty (may be due to their phones, operator error, or sections not yet complete).

Which phase of product development is the app in?

The latest apps on Play Store and AppStores are in production phase. On iOS the app works without any issues because currently there are only 6-7 handsets on the market and we’ve tested our app on all of them.

But on Android, there are more than 9,000 handsets on the market from various companies and we’ve tested our app on around 90% of handsets. Nowadays there are so many cheap smartphones made in China which are not up to standard. We simply cannot test our app on all of the handsets, and that’s why a few app-users may face some problems, some of the time.

Also, Osho’s discourses are normally 1.5–2 hours long and hence these files are huge. Compare these to normal song files which are just 3-4 minutes long; they do not need more internal memory and a big processor. So, for this app featuring long audio and video discourses, your device needs a good internal memory and a good processor.

What content can we find on Ask Bhagwan?

The free Ask Bhagwan app currently features huge amounts of content in many categories. App users will find Osho’s Hindi and English discourses in audio and video, thoughtfully categorized with questions and answers, grouped under titles like Love, Family, Friendship; all meditations with explanations, meditation music, jokes, interviews, blogs, information and events worldwide, and much more.

Anything else you would like to say?

Yes. All meditators know about the importance of meditation. But we all should pass this message to our non-meditator friends, family and colleagues as well. Let’s try telling everyone we know to sit silently in meditation for 10-15 minutes, at least a couple of times a day, as per the OneWorld Meditation schedule. Let’s meditate together and help making this planet more livable.

As for the app, we’re very excited to share it. Use it, love it! Guaranteed.

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To make a donation from your mobile app (iOS and Android) go to Menu on left side and then Donate tab.

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