I Surrender


Pernilla Kannapinn wrote a few words for us to accompany her ‘Morning Prayer to the Universe’ recorded during her quarantine in Greece (music video and lyrics).

To me, surrender means to let go.
To give oneself over to the divine.
To trust.

I wrote the lyrics of this song to always remind myself to have faith in the magnificent and mysterious ways of the cosmos. But in these dark days it can be hard to let go, to give oneself over, to trust the unknown. And the more we are consumed by worry and fear, the tighter darkness wraps around us – making us blind to the beauty of the seemingly endless night.

And so:

I surrender to the universe around me…

These days are wild, and so I pray for all souls to find stillness within.

And although we cannot stop the storm, we can surrender to it. Finding meditation within the middle of madness, finding trust and tranquility within turbulence, finding peace and serenity right in the eye of the tornado.

We may not be able to end the night and light the day, but we can surrender to the dark, for it shows us the stars.

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I surrender to the universe around me
I bow to the beauty within
I trust each dawn through the darkest of nights
I give in – play me like a violin

Ra Ma Da Sa – sun, moon and earth
Ra Ma Da Sa – infinity
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
I endure the dark for it shows me the stars


Music: Pernilla Kannapinn
Video: Crystel Alma
Mix: Winfried Rimbach-Sator at Exo10 records
Master: Magdalena Piotrowska at Hear Candy Mastering

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Pernilla Kannapinn

Pernilla Kannapinn is a singer-songwriter, violinist, composer, an artist, painter and storyteller. She travels the world in her snailhouse on four wheels. facebook.compernilla.exo10.com

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