They wanted to throw stones at Osho

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Anuragi, on a visit to Chandrapur (Chanda) a few months ago, met with Sharda, Anandmayee’s eldest daughter.

Sharda ji

Sharda is in her 80’s and very agile and active. Her mother was Anandmayee and she has two sisters, Sushila and Shanta. To this day, all three call Osho ‘Rajneesh Bhaiya’ or just Bhaiya (brother). Sharda has been with Osho to four meditation camps and Osho has been to the wedding to her sister Sushila.

Sharda gladly shared the following recollection of an event around 1970.

Once we were in Amravati with Osho. A tall and well-built person entered the house banging the floor with a thick stick, asking “Where is Rajneesh?” He made such a clamour while continuing to bang that stick. We all got scared. Osho’s sister, Rasa (Ma Yoga Bhakti) was with us. I asked her who this man is but she did not know.

Osho was sitting and reading a newspaper. He did not even lift his head to see who that person was.

Again this man asked, “Where is Rajneesh?” We were very scared and pointed towards Osho.

He loudly told Osho that there would be no lecture today.

Without lifting his head Osho said, “It will happen.”

The man said, “If you love your life, there will be no lecture today.” He went on, “Do you love your life or not!? There won’t be a lecture today!”

Osho merely said, “It will happen.”

Furious, the man left.

I asked Osho, “Why are you risking your life? People are not going to mend their ways. He is very angry and can do anything.”

Osho replied, “Nothing will happen.”

In the evening he left for the lecture. We always used to sit in front of Osho’s dais when we went to listen to him but, on that day, we were too scared and sat behind him on the stage.

Seeing this, Osho laughed and asked, “Why are you scared? Are you stupid? Don’t be afraid!”

I told him that I love my life and do not want to lose it. I pleaded, “These people can throw stones, fire bullets. They can do anything, who knows. Please drop today’s lecture.”

Osho stated, “The lecture cannot be stopped on my saying.”

Osho spoke for one hour and nothing happened.

As he stood up, about 25 to 30 people suddenly came forward. They were holding bags full of stones which they emptied out in front of Osho. They said, “What is your appeal? We could not throw even one stone during the entire lecture! Our hands would not move to even pick up one stone!”

I remember the scene being frightful for me. Yet Osho simply got up and passed by them without saying a word; probably he didn’t even look at them.

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