Our beings are connected


Osho answers a question by Prem Adina, stating “We are all connected in a thousand-and-one ways. “


Beloved Osho,

Questions arise and solve themselves after I meditate; then almost the same questions are asked in the following days. Once I heard you talk about the theory of relativity and its discovery: if Einstein hadn’t managed to do it, it would have been discovered by another scientist, because the time was ready for it. Thought, as far as I can understand it, seems to belong to the same law of existence – especially in this strong energy circle around you. Will you talk about this phenomenon?

Prem Adina, no man is an island. We are all connected in a thousand-and-one ways. That’s what I was saying about Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Somebody had asked him, “If you had not discovered it, do you think somebody else would have been able to discover it, ever?” And he was surprised by the answer. Albert Einstein said, “It would have taken not more than three weeks for somebody else to discover it.”

As it happens, in fact, it was discovered by another scientist before Albert Einstein; he was just a lazy man and did not publish his article, and once Albert Einstein had published his article, there was no point.

Our beings are connected. Of course, everybody cannot discover a theory like relativity; it needs a very refined intelligence. But there were at least a dozen people in the world who were of the same caliber, and who were looking in the same direction. It was only a question of time – of who is fast enough to reach the conclusion.

Here you will feel it every day. A question arises in you. You can ask it, or just wait a little –somebody is going to ask it! Here you are, all for the same purpose, the same search; you are all looking in the same direction, accepting the same challenge. It is very natural that the same questions will arise in you.

There are people who have never asked a single question because they know now so certainly, “What is the point? Somebody is going to ask it.” And it is always better when somebody else asks it, and you are just listening relaxedly. The person who has asked is tense, because it is his question. I am not a very predictable man, and I answer the questioner more than the question; so he is very alert, very tense, a little bit afraid. Everybody else can enjoy relaxedly – that poor fellow has finally asked the question.

And I have seen that the people who are listening to the answers of other people’s questions understand more clearly, because they are more relaxed. They are almost like observers. They are more open. I am not going to hit on their head, of that they must… they are certain; so they can enjoy the answer. And it is their question too.

And particularly because we are concerned in a single-pointed purpose – how to know yourself and how to be yourself – questions will be coming, and they will be applicable almost to everybody. It just depends on your attitude. You should not forget to listen to the answer thinking that because it is somebody else’s question it is none of your concern, and you can enjoy having your own yakkety-yak that goes on inside you. Then you will miss. And you will miss a great opportunity. It is unintelligent.

The intelligent person will listen very carefully to any question, because it may not be significant for him today – but perhaps tomorrow…. Perhaps he has not come to that space, but he will come; it is better to be ready for it. All that is needed is a little intelligence.

Although he was approaching eighty, the old colonel refused to accept his loss of sexual desire and stamina, so he consulted a doctor. The doctor was amused, and asked, “Why should you be so concerned? It is only to be expected at your time of life.”

“But a friend of mine who is eighty-five says he still makes love to his wife every night,” replied the colonel.

The doctor smiled, “Why can’t you say the same thing? It is only a question of saying.”

Just a little intelligence….

A young boy came before the court, charged with stealing a girl’s bicycle.

“I did not steal it, sir,” he told the magistrate, “she gave it to me. She was riding me home on the handlebars, and she stopped in the woods; she took off her bluejeans and her panties and said I could have anything she had. Well sir, the panties were girls’ things and the bluejeans would not fit me – so I took the bicycle.”

Just be a little intelligent. Don’t take the bicycle!

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 21, Q 3

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