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…left his body on 18 November 2020.


His daughter Priya writes:

My beloved Papa breathed his last peacefully in Ludhiana on 18 November at 11:30 pm, looking as beautiful as ever. For the past few months, he was not keeping well. The cancer had spread from the prostrate to the liver, bones and brain. He was in and out of hospitals, and the last eighteen days in ICU.

My dad was the one [in our family] who found Osho in 1969 – in Ludhiana, Punjab. He was so mesmerized by him that he insisted my mom, Neelam, meet him. And from there our Osho journey began. Even after giving him his sannyas name: Swami Prem Teerth, Osho fondly called him by his legal name, Amarjeet. So did his sannyasin friends.

I was only one year old when my parents took me for a meditation camp. I would often go with them to the Ashram in Pune during my school holidays. And finally to America, to Rajneeshpuram in 1982. My father returned to his business world while my mom and I stayed on with Osho. My parents remained good friends all through. He gave her the space to flower on the path she had chosen. He remained a strong pillar for us both.

While I did not have the chance to live with my father, Osho insisted that I visit him often and keep the bond with my family. He knew that the intimacy I shared with my dad was special. Because of him I could live the life I wanted to: close to Osho in his communes. I could continue my education and simultaneously be part of commune life. Because of his support I could live in both the worlds totally. He never forced Indian conditioning on me. He never imposed any ideas. He let me be the way I wanted to, not only in the outside world but also in my spiritual journey. His love was unconditional. A rare quality in a father.

I cherish our moments together. He was fond of reading mystical books, watching old meaningful Bollywood cinema. I loved discussing politics with him. His Punjabi jokes and rhymes kept us all in laughter. My cousins and friends adored my dad. He was a people magnet who kept the family together with his loving and charming nature. Not only was he a self-made successful industrialist, but at the same time he was humble and down to earth. Though he lived in the world he was a sannyasin at heart; a soft person who helped many in need, a kind soul who touched many hearts.

These last months I was with him most of the time, caring and just being there for him, fondly revisiting his best moments together. I could feel the immense physical pain he was going through. Because of strong medication many side effects followed. His legs had lost the strength. He was mostly bedridden. Short-term memory was going. I saw him slowly wither away. It was painful for me to watch him go. In the hospital – with all the machines around him – his face still looked radiant, an innocence shining through. He was cracking jokes with the nurses and visitors; he kept us all grinning.

My father was an evolved soul who will fly high. I have always felt blessed to have him as my dear Papa. Bowing down to him with immense gratitude – Love you Papa, you will be missed.


I’ve beautiful memories of this gentle soul, the initial years of my growing up, when our vacations were spent in Ludhiana. Had never seen him lose his cool when he would return home after a long day’s work, no matter how noisy we all cousins were, either playing dark room/ quarrelling / teasing. And his soft voice, the calmness with which he spoke, the love & care he showered on us, so handsome… all this I’m going to long for now. You will be deeply missed, Amarjeet uncle. Stay at peace wherever you have faded now.

Love, love and just love for you.




Dear Priya,

Thank you for this beautiful writing about your father. What a special father he was. May he fly high. Thank you,



Beloved Priya,

A loving reverence to this beautiful soul that is your father and to you a loving hug in this moment.



Amarjeet maamu as I fondly called him was indeed a special person who had a tremendous amount of love to give. My childhood memory of time spent with Priya maamu and maami is one of the most cherished moments of my life. Honestly, I don’t know if I will miss him because that’s our journey… it has to transit… not end. But every time I remember him it will surely bring a smile on my face… tears in my eyes… and a warm happy feeling in my heart… 🙏🏻



Hi Priya,

You have so beautifully and lovingly shared Amarjeet Uncle’s warm and loving nature. His unconditional love for the family, always standing by them under all circumstances, giving everyone freedom to say, express what they wanted, spreading laughter and joy are what we will always cherish and remember. A large-hearted and giving human being, not for him the holding onto small things. His smile, laughter, and love for all of us is and will always remain embedded in our hearts. While we miss him, I am sure the Gods in heaven are taking care of this gentle soul. Feel blessed to have known him and spent time with him.

Puneet Dhawan


Beloved Priya,

Thank you so much for writing this wonderful tribute to your father. Though I never met him personally I am so grateful to read about him and to be friends with both you and Neelam. Love from both me and Subhan to you and of course Neelam, who I am in touch with.

Shanti Schenker-Skye


Amarjeet (Swami Prem Teerth ) was the most adorable and charming person. I met him in 1972 even before he took sannyas, when our Kirtan group was traveling in Punjab. He was our host in Ludhiana. Along with his beautiful wife, Neelam (Ma Yoga Neelam who later became Osho’s secretary for India in 1986), he took care of the Kirtan group in every possible way and we all felt at home. Here was a family heartfully dedicated to Osho’s vision. One year later, I found myself living in his house to publish Osho’s Hindi magazine Anandini, with his support. One year later, I was invited by Osho to join the Shree Rajneesh Ashram in Pune and to work as an editor for the Hindi Rajneesh Foundation Newsletter and for Osho’s books in Hindi.

In 1981 I planned to travel to Rajneeshpuram, after Osho had left for the USA, and Amarjeet supported me financially. I bought my air-ticket to travel and be with my Master in October 1981. I was one of the 4-5 Indians living in Oregon then. We remained in touch and in 1982, I was delighted to see him briefly in Rajneeshpuram. We had a wonderful time together.

Later also, till his last days on earth, we remained in touch with each other, as we always had a special heart to heart connection which cannot be described in words.

He had a wonderful sense of humour, a heart full of care and compassion, and a brilliant intelligence to deal with worldly affairs. He was a sannyasin who chose to live in the world, and yet he remained above it, like a lotus in the mud. This has been so inspiring for so many people and for both of his brothers, Ashok and Vimal, and their families.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti


Dear Priya,

Thank you for your beautiful writing and insight into your family life! Blessings for your beloved father. May he have reached! Sending you Love and strength from Taiwan.

Prem Jayadip


My bade papa – Amarjeet Dhall!

My beloved Bade papa who welcomed me so beautifully with open arms in this family, I miss him dearly and have those great memories in my heart forever.

Such a divine soul who was a peace lover and full of life and humour at ever moment gave me immense love and support. I remember sitting with him every evening listening to his vast knowledge about various aspects of life.

He is our angel in heaven…!



Thanks, Priya, for such a sweet write-up.

I met your beloved father in 1999, after my marriage. Whenever I had the chance to meet him, he was always so full of warmth, love and grace. He was so innocent and also in his last days he was so childlike, like a delicate flower. I used to look forward to meeting him always. The last meeting before he was sick, he shared his love for Osho and his eyes were moist. Tender heart and childlike soul. He surely will be missed and alive in our ❤ heart.

Love you Priya ❤

Divyam Payal


Chitthi na koi sandesh, jaane vo kaun sa desh,
jahan tum chaley gaye… jahan tum chale gaye…


I remember how fondly you would tell me all about your dad… how he would always call you no matter where you traveled to, looking for times to meet you, always getting you so many gifts etc. etc. etc. – so much love he had for you…

It wasn’t just Osho who you had looking out for you, but your ever-loving dad always caring for you, loving you, giving you all that a dad would want for his child. So you had in Osho and your dad, both the sky and the earth. Whenever you would talk about your dad, I could feel in your words his immense love for you that you so treasured. And I know that his love shall always stay with you, forever nurturing you & reminding you how much you are loved. And as you continue to do everything that you do with love, your dad will always smile knowing that his lil girl is just fine. And what’s more, you shall continue to have him live in your heart forever through the love & values he lived so intensely…

Love Always! – that’s what dads are… He is forever with you.



A beautiful story of the lifelong love and fondness between a daughter and a father. Played out in the presence and at the feet of the Master.



Beloved Priya,

I never met your dad but felt his presence, heart and energy very much through you and and our many times chatting about him. I remember chatting about how much he loved Osho, how he supported you, his great sense of humor and him being a number 4 in the enneagram!

I felt his soft and sensitive soul and also his courageous and loving heart. He really lived Osho’s message… “Be in the world, but not of it”.

Here is part of your poem expressing your connection with him <3

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;
which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart
i carry your heart
i carry it in my heart



I was in the commune after Osho left his body. Ma Yog Neelam was taking care of the Indian chapter. She made sure none of us felt Osho is no more. It was always a celebration mood. Not only in Poona, in the rest of India too. There were book fairs, meditation camps, press and media everywhere for Osho. For some of Osho’s work it meant expanding real-estate. So her hands were tied. But she got only one thing from Osho and she wanted to share with everyone, that is Meditation.

She didn’t stop! With the help of Priya and others she continued the work.

It is all because of Amarjeetji’s sacrifice.

Thank you Sir 🙏



My ‘Big dadu’ was a man of exceptional personality and thoughts. His sense of humour was highly remarkable, in fact, wherever he used to stand, there was an atmosphere full of glamour surrounding him. He could make a person who is in depression also laugh. When I went to see him in the ICU, I could not tell if the man is in his last moments because I saw the exact same glow in his face which I had been seeing for the last 4 months.

Furthermore, he was truly the pillar of our family as he was the one who started our main business. Moreover, I can still not forget that day when he used to pick me up and walk for an enormous amount of time in his house and show me Osho’s books which were on his bookshelf.

Thereby, I would like to conclude with a message –

Big dadu,

We know that you are in a better place and maybe enjoying with Polo (his dog who passed away 3 days prior to him). Wherever you are, we will always miss you and you will be in our hearts forever.

Deevijh Dhall


That’s a really beautiful tribute, Priya.

And the photos I’ve seen of your father show exactly what you’re saying – a beautiful man, very handsome also. The love between you and him is very evident. What a beautiful Papa.

I feel so sorry for your loss, my darling Priya.




My beloved Priya,

I am so sorry for your big loss of your beloved Papa.

And I am so deeply touched by your amazingly beautifully-written tribute for your father. All the memories of the stories you and Neelam told me over the years are coming up. He is so much alive in my heart even though I never met him personally.

And by the way, you are a great writer, your Papa would be proud of you, keep on writing…

All my love to you,



Thank you, Priya,

your article really touched our hearts. You are blessed to have had such a beautiful Papa.

From our hearts our deepest condolences,

Madita and Magno


Darling Priya,

You are so lucky to have had such a sweet loving father like Amarjeet. It’s so touching that he brought you and beloved Neelam to Bhagwan, to the path. How unusual he was. I also remember you talking fondly of him, with his new family. His unconditional Love will be with you for the rest of your life to tap into when you need his strength and guidance.

Fly High Amarjeet,

Prem Parinito


A Tribute to my Cousin, Mentor and Friend

How he touched my life.

The day I heard that you had passed on was the day I lost a piece of my heart and the moment I realised that you were no longer with us was the one when I discovered that one of the most loving persons in my life, my dearest Amarjeet Bhai Sahab, was gone forever.

It has been said that as a general rule of thumb, there are at least five persons that one would meet during the course of one’s life that would have a lasting impact on us, and for me Amarjeet Bhai Sahab was one of these. He was always there for me, mentoring, encouraging and sometimes pushing hard for me to keep on fighting the good fight.

After completing my CA degree, he immediately asked me to join his organisation to learn business, so that I could be on my own. From there on we became close friends. I loved his unique sense of humour, his ability to analyse quickly and to offer words of wisdom, but most of all, I appreciated his closeness to God.

After about four years of joining him, I returned to my native place, Chandigarh, and started my factory for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, under his guidance. How much I treasured our chats, his rich laughter and his quiet words of wisdom….

In later years, when my business grew, he was extremely happy to see me grow and I was eternally grateful to have had him as my mentor.

This soft, gentle and loving man was unique. He was extremely modest despite his many achievements in his industry and he never sought anything in return for his tireless efforts.

Rest in Peace, my dearest Amarjeet Bhai Sahab. Your soul is free now and I am sure that on a quiet night I will be able to hear your laughter and rhymes. I will never forget you and I promise to keep on fighting the good fight.

Thank you for having allowed me to be a part of your life and for having come into mine.

Sanjay Vijh


Dearest Priya,

It’s a wonderful, heart-warming tribute you’ve penned to a much loved father… I never had the privilege of meeting him but by all accounts he appears to be a generous-hearted, gentle giant who had the courage to take unconventional decisions that allowed his loved ones to flower in a way not possible otherwise.

May his soul rest in eternal peace and his life marked by the spirit of a true renunciate guide us all forever.



Beautifully said Priya. And lovely pictures.

My Amarjeet Uncle… A dazzling, beautiful, kind, compassionate and most loving uncle. Have the fondest memories of the time spent with uncle in Ludhiana. His sense of humour, the joy and laughter in his very being, that childlike joyful energy was ever so infectious and always lit up the mood. So uplifting! We always looked forward to meeting up with him.

I had the opportunity, albeit at his behest, so I’ll say I had the privilege to have worked very closely with him for almost a year or so. Best times ever…

My Mentor Amarjeet Uncle… and my role model 🙂. I was blessed and fortunate enough to have Amarjeet Uncle inspire me and encourage me very early on. He literally changed the course of my life and I am eternally grateful to have had his presence, his beautiful energy and that wonderful intelligence enthuse me and shape my life. And I know that I am not alone with these sentiments, there are many others like myself who feel the same and will always remember him fondly and with deep respect and gratitude.

Always and forever in my heart and thoughts.

Lots of Love 🙏

Vineet Dhawan


My beloved Piyu,

I am so sorry for your immense loss!

What a beautiful tribute you wrote to him – I can hear his Unconditional Love for you in your words – always did whenever you were talking about him…

He is a presence whose nourishment you carry in each cell of your Body and in your Mind and Heart! He lives on as that and has all the freedom in the world to enrich the liVes of the people that love him…

This Love doesn’t stop – and I am really grateful to him for fathering and supporting you in all your Life, so we could meet and be friends beyond Time and Space.

A rare and true gift both of you are.

I love you,



Bade papa – this title belongs to the most loving, forever-smiling person with a charming personality. Though my uncle by relation but definitely much more to me in reality. He has been my mentor, philosopher and guide in my life. From creating most beautiful memories of living with him when my folks were travelling or even once moving into his house for a few days – bags and baggage – at the age of 7, after a grilling session from my mom, to the bestest holidays and family times ever.

He was an avid admirer of beauty and art; he found beauty and love in the simplest form.

His simplicity, discipline and zeal for life is seldom found and these are the values that will stay with me forever.

Always encouraging, always welcoming and always full of life, Bade Papa. Always in my heart.

Love bitiya,



My eldest cousin brother, Amarjeet Dhall, completed his life journey on 18th November 2020. When other healings did not work on his body, Death was the biggest healer. Though physically he has departed, his memories will stay fresh in my heart.

Truly, a big brother to all of us. We relied on him for everything, when we were stuck and looking for a way forward . Be it family or business matters, he never hesitated, inspite of his preoccupations, and promptly devoted his time and energy for us.

He was our Hero right from our childhood. We fondly used to call him Bhapa, or at times Virji.

Not just in worldly matters, he also had a deep interest in human psychology and I found him reading psychology periodicals while sitting with his father. At times I would also sit and listen to his interpretation and understandings, which he will discuss with his father.

His quest to deeply understand his real self brought him close to Acharya Rajneesh and by and by our entire family got to read the books and listen to pravachans of Osho.

He was the one who started the business and carved a path for us to get into it, instead of searching for jobs. So was his influence on the family for our spiritual journeys.

I relish his memories in my heart and every time I remember him, my heart overflows with love.

Vijay Kumar Dhall


It is with deepest sorrow and sadness that I write this tribute for a person so humble, kind, loving, caring and good at heart and soul. You were and will always be an inspiration to the entire family. I will always cherish every single moment I spent with you and wish we had some more time to continue to appreciate you, but God has his own plans! I pray that may God keep you safe resting in perfect peace🙏. You will always be remembered and missed by all of us.



Beloved Priya,

This is such a heart-touching letter you have written. I have seen you going through so much in the past few years with close family battling cancer. And you have been so strong throughout. I remember when you used to go on holiday to be with your dad. And you would really look forward to spending time with him. He supported you unconditionally with so much love. And that really gave you the freedom to flower 🌸. I know, wherever he is he flies high in the love and light of Osho.

Arti Razdan


My dearest Neelam and Priya,

It has taken me time to write to you about our beloved Amarjeet; Priya – your Papa. For I was not aware at how deeply I would feel the sorrow of his passing, and I could not express what I felt. I understand and empathise with how many powerful and tumultuous emotions it would have evoked in you. Particularly as you Neelam are undergoing chemotherapy, and you Priya were caring for both your parents.

It is difficult to witness those most noble among us have the transitions they do. And Amarjeet was one among those most noble beings.

It is futile to challenge death, but I do wonder why it comes in the most challenging of ways to those who have been beacons of light in their lifetime.

And Amarjeet was one such beacon. For he lived the Knowledge. A manifestation of Love, he unflinchingly stayed in devotion and surrender. Devotion and surrender to his Guru and to you Neelam and Priya, who he loved totally.

His love, compassion and care for everyone whose life he graced was complete. He embodied the rare strength not merely to ‘live and let live’, but to unconditionally accept and encourage his most loved ones, even as they parted ways and walked the road less travelled by. And his love never waned. And he was unblemished, non-judgemental and accepting.

Amarjeet’s magnanimity and immense grace made him a giant of a man in my eyes.

While we mourn his loss, we can celebrate his liberation from mortality, for I do feel that his liberation is the ultimate one we seek.

In love and gratitude to Amarjeet for showering the love and kindness he did on me, in our interactions, and with hugs and love to you,




I joined Emson Tools Group in May 2001 and was interviewed and scrutinized by Miss Priya Dhall and finally, approved by Sh. Amarjeet Dhall (MD Sir). He remained there till May 2017 and was looking after Railways Marketing, Exports and Administrative functions of factory operations of both the units. I also travelled with him a lot, both by Road and Air also, besides staying at many places across country.

During my association with Dhall Saheb, I always sensed that he was not only a ‘God fearing’ true business owner and industrialist who ensured providing bread and butter for hundreds of families employed directly and thousands others, indirectly. Any person or firm who cheated him or gave loss in any way, had never gone to such a level where they could feel themselves lower before him.

I had personally witnessed many needy families who were facing difficulties in arranging fees for their children and Amarjeet Dhall paid them for couple of years with an open heart. There were so many events and occasions of giving undue favor by him by extending out of turn help and support.

I wish Almighty God gives peace to this truly pure soul, to his place and extend enough courage to the bereaved family to bear this very big and unforgettable loss.

Regards to my Ex-Boss Miss Priya Dhall.

Vikas K Gupta, Ludhiana

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