Someday you will see those peaks

The Urgency

“First I want you to be established as a buddha. Then the second step is very easy: any day I can tell you to jump into the cosmos,” says Osho.

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Our Beloved Master,

It seems some people consider unconditional trust in one’s Master to be fanaticism.

Would you explain the difference between the two?

Maneesha, the difference is very small, but of immense importance.

If the unconditional trust in one’s master arises in you unasked, undemanded, it is a totally different matter.

But if the master demands, “You surrender to me unconditionally,” then in the first place he is not a master. In the second place, if you surrender to such a man, you are surrendering into slavery.

When surrendering comes out of love, and trust arises out of your experience – nobody is asking it, it is simply something that is growing within you – then it is authentic and it does not bring spiritual slavery, it brings spiritual freedom.

So the difference is small, but the implications are immense. Never surrender to anyone who asks, because only a man who does not trust himself and his enlightenment asks for surrender and trust. A man who knows himself, his ultimate peaks, knows someday you will see those peaks, someday you will feel the tremendous pull.

With your growth will come gratitude, trust, love. And when love grows into surrender, unasked, undemanded, it has a beauty of its own.

It is time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh.

Mrs. Maggie MacTavish runs into her old friend, Dora MacPherson, after a long time.
“Ah! Dora, I have not seen you for years. What’s new?” asks Maggie.
“Well,” says Dora, “I got married since I last saw you, Maggie.”
“Married are you? Really?” asks Maggie. “That’s fine!”
“Ah! Not so fine,” says Dora. “He was a son-of-a-bitch!”
“Married to a son-of-a-bitch?” asks Maggie. “That’s bad!”
“Ah! Not so bad,” replies Dora. “He had pots of money!”
“Money? A husband with money?” asks Maggie. “That’s fine!”
“Ah! Not so fine,” replies Dora. “He was tight with it!”
“A husband with money and tight with it?” asks Maggie. “That’s bad!”
“Ah! Not so bad,” replies Dora. “He built us a house!”
“A house? With his money?” asks Maggie. “That’s fine!”
“Ah! Not so fine,” explains Dora. “The house burned down!”
“Burned down?” asks Maggie. “That is bad for sure!”
“Ah! Not so bad,” replies Dora. “He was in it!”

Two French chefs are exploring through darkest Africa looking for some special wild “Herbes de Jungle” for their restaurant in Paris. Just as they enter the deepest, thickest forest, they find their magic herbs, but immediately get captured by Chief Boonga and his cannibal tribe.
The two French chefs are carried to the village among loud drums, singing and dancing, and there they are tied to stakes. The whole tribe gathers to view their new imported dinner, as cannibal chef Spoon-em-Out starts the fire under the cooking pots.
Just then, a crazed cannibal comes dancing wildly out of the crowd. He sways and swirls around the two Frenchmen who are tied to the stake. Suddenly the drums stop. A deathly hush falls over the village, and the wildman speaks to the two white men. “You are French, are you not?” he asks.
“Oui! Oui!” they reply in unison.
“Good! Then tell me,” says the wildman, “what are your names?”
“I am Pierre Soufflé,” says one Frenchman. “And this is my friend, Crèpe Suzette – but why do you want to know our names? Can you help us?”
“Ah! No,” replies the wildman, “but now I know what to write on the menu!”

It is that fateful day on Calvary Hill. Jesus is hanging on his wooden cross, twenty feet off the ground, utterly exhausted. To his left side, hanging on another cross, is thief Barnaby, cousin-brother of the famous murderer and rapist, Barabbas. On the right side of Jesus, hanging in the air, is Fritz the Hun, great-grandfather of the infamous Attila.
The sun is beating down, there are no clouds or God in sight, and Jesus becomes more and more delirious.
Suddenly, Jesus twitches on the cross, and mumbles towards Barnaby, “My son, my son, come closer.”
Barnaby looks up at Jesus and wiggles around a bit, but finds himself stuck. Jesus lifts his head weakly and looks at Fritz.
“My son, my son,” he gasps, “come closer!”
Fritz is completely spaced out, and does not move.
“My sons! My sons!” cries Jesus in frustration. “Come closer, come closer!”
But all is still on Calvary Hill.
“Okay, then,” sighs Jesus. “It is your own fault if you don’t want to be in the photograph!”






Be silent.
Close your eyes.
Feel your bodies to be completely frozen.
This is the right moment to look inwards.
Gather your whole life energy, your total consciousness, and with an urgency,
as if this is going to be your last moment on the earth –
with this urgency rush towards the center of your being.

The closer you come to the center, the closer you are to yourself.
The closer you come to the center, the closer you are to your intrinsic buddha.
The silence deepens, a tremendous peace arises in you – a rainshower of blessings,
flowers of unknown mysteries. As you reach to the center,
for the first time you encounter yourself in a mirror. The mirror has never gathered any dust.
This moment you are the most fortunate people on the earth.

People have completely forgotten this inner world and the search for the buddha.
Remember, the buddha has only one quality, that of witnessing.
Witness you are not the body.
Witness you are not the mind.
Witness you are not the astral or the subtle bodies.
Witness that you are only a witness. Everything surrounds you but nothing touches you.
You are beyond everything. This beyondness is your buddhahood.
This beyondness opens the door to the cosmos.

First I want you to be established as a buddha. Then the second step is very easy:
any day I can tell you to jump into the cosmos. The first step is more important.
Once you are a buddha, the second step is very simple.
Again I say to you, remember, only one quality is your very being, and that is witnessing.
That is your eternal quality: it is never born, never dies. It is always here and now.
It has no beginning, no end. It is one with the whole existence.

To make it clear, Nivedano…


Let go.
But go on remembering you are only a witness;
whatever happens, whatever experiences arise in you…
A tremendous ecstasy is possible, you may feel almost drunk, but keep aloof,
a watcher on the hills, just witnessing.
And slowly slowly, your separation starts melting like ice.
Gautama the Buddha Auditorium is becoming an ocean of consciousness without any ripples.
Such peace, such grandeur, such splendor; and you have been missing it for mundane things.

This is your real world.
This is your truth.
This is your beauty.
And this is your godliness.
The buddha is another name of all these: beauty, truth, godliness.

Before Nivedano calls you back, do two things:
first, gather as much silence, as much peace, as much fragrance of the beyond –
you have to bring it with you. Don’t come empty-handed.
And second, persuade the buddha, he has lived too long hidden at the center.
He is your very nature. He has to be brought into your daily activities:
walking, sitting, sleeping, he has to be with you just like your heartbeat,
just like your breathing. He is your ultimate breathing, the ultimate heartbeat of the universe.
If you persuade him, he will come. He has been waiting for you for centuries,
but he will not come with you unless you persuade him,
unless you welcome him into your ordinary, simple life activities.

In your words, in your gestures, in your silences, in your songs, in your dances,
let him be an inner participant. Slowly slowly you will disappear in him,
and he will become a solid reality in the world. That day is the most fortunate day in one’s life.
You are all on the right path. I hope you will all be fulfilled, and not only fulfilled,
you will overflow with joy and bliss and benediction for the whole world.



Come back. But remember not to forget that you are a buddha, not to forget witnessing.
With great silence and peace, sit down for a few moments,
just to remember and recollect the golden path you have traveled,
the tremendous silence at the center of your being.
And the grace of the buddha, who has come closer, is just behind you.
He is now almost like a shadow, but ultimately he will become the reality
and you will become the shadow. That is the moment of enlightenment.
I call this:
Straight to the point of enlightenment!

Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Beloved Master.

Osho, Yakusan: Straight to the Point of Enlightenment, Ch 4, Q 1

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