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Just in: Roberta Lippi’s podcasts now in English, Azima’s video interviews and Lakshen’s next part of his docuseries.

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Bucketloads of creativity also from Italy. You might remember that, two years ago, we spoke about the Italian podcasts Soli: i bambini di Osho (Alone/Suns: Osho’s children). In the wake of the stir the docuseries Wild Wild Country had created worldwide, Roberta Lippi interviewed now young adults who had spent their childhood with Osho or were raised by a sannyasin parent. These podcasts have been now translated into English and dubbed for an international audience. In addition, there will also be new interviews, those of Chandra and Bindu.

Podcasts that have been published so far:

  1. The background story
  2. Let’s go to Pune (Anugatha and Krishna Venu)
  3. Medina, the children’s commune (Anugatha and Krishna Venu)
  4. Forbidden games (Satish)

The next episodes will be released monthly. www.spreaker.com

Ant Dakini and Azima

From Azima we hear that he is being interviewed by Ant Dakini, a lover of Osho since she was a teenager, now a musician, film composer and sound engineer. She has a PhD in Marine Ecology and is the author of several music albums, books and publications.

Azima Rosciano hardly needs an introduction. He is the author of the memoir, My Life With Osho, and of several non-fiction books including the recently published biography, Osho: La sua vita e il suo insegnamento. We also wrote about the live streaming of a film called, La mia vita con Osho: Racconti da Ustica. Latest news is that the film has been selected by film festivals worldwide, becoming a finalist at the Eastern Europe Film Festival.

The first two episodes of the new video interviews with Ant Dakini have already gone live, the remaining will be following one a week:

  1. First commune in Pune
  2. The commune in USA
  3. Second commune in Pune
  4. The days after Osho left his body
  5. The years in Pune after Osho left his body
  6. Back in the world as a doctor
  7. What it means to be a sannyasin today

www.youtube.com – azimarosciano.it

10000 Shades of Ocean

And last but not least: an update on Lakshen’s docuseries. The third episode of Ten Thousand Shades of Ocean, covering the story of Rajneeshpuram, has now been completed. (See Punya’s review of part 1 and 2 about Osho’s childhood and travel days as well as Pune 1.) The remaining parts, 4 and 5, will be released sometime next year.

Lakshen is working on a trailer which we will publish together with a review by Keerti, who saw the film when it was recently screened in India. One of his comments is: “Lakshen has done a good job, passionately and with professional skills.”

The other good news is that Lakshen’s docuseries will eventually be shown on Vimeo for everybody to enjoy.

Stay tuned on Osho News.

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