You Never Touched the Ground when Walking


A poem by Radhika.

Illustration by Radhika

Between your namasted hands little fireworks of cool love so soothing
In your open palms the whole universe resting, trustful
Weighing playfully the human condition

Your both eyes the moon mysterious and the sun
And which sparkles brighter I never can say

Your coming and going a magic trick so mischievous
My heart leaping outside of me unto your feet

Painting immense opalescent pictures using nothing but words
And words and words
On the majestic canvas of pristine silence
Absolute bottomless silence
Day by day
Night by night

And when you dance the stars become drunk with bliss
Your almost silent laughter blowing us
There you are
Spread all over the limitless skies
As the biggest smile I will ever see


Radhika is a writer, poet and designer.

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