Smita – Smile of Love

Remembering Here&Now

In this short podcast recorded by Chinmaya, Smita remembers personal interactions between her and Osho in the mid-seventies.

One day a big smile of love is going to descend on you. And, Smita, it will be a grave day.”

SmitaPrem Smita (Smile of Love) was born 1947 in Pennsylvania, USA of Sierra Leonean parents. When her father became a diplomat, she moved to Sierra Leone with her family. At age 13 they settled in the UK where she continued her schooling, and at age 21 she married an English diplomat and moved to Benin, West Africa.

In a deep depression, with no ideas about India or gurus at all, she had a dream about Osho in early 1973. Two years later she took sannyas in London and travelled to Pune in October of that year. From then on, in and out of India till Osho left for the USA in 1981. She was part of the commune in Rajneeshpuram from 1982 till 1985.

Africa, UK, India – since then on the path of self realisation. At present she is living in Totnes, Devon, UK and offers meditation retreats and healing practices at a natural healing centre. She is also a DJ!


Chinmaya Dunster is a recording artist, composer and sarod player, now based in England.

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