Metaphor of the human mind


An insight on relaxation and mastering the mind while walking a dog – by Radhika.

happy dog jumping

There is a little old woman who passes below my window every day. She is always in a great hurry, rushing as fast as she can. But not because she wants to… She has to! There is a little bundle of energy hurrying in front of her, a Russell terrier, pulling off as eagerly as he can. One day my amusement was intensified when I realized that this scene would make a fine metaphor for the condition of the human mind. The mind pulling as fast as possible, here and there, everywhere. And us following behind, helplessly.

I once had a job walking a Jack Russell during lunchtimes. He was a fine chap and so delighted to see me whenever I came to pick him up, that he jumped up and down just like a rubber ball. As soon as we left the house, he was convinced he was a dedicated sledge dog, dragging me along into the great wide world.

But I was not willing to let him hurt his own neck or my shoulder even one moment. My corrective was a simple “Stop!” I never did this verbally though. Whenever he would put a slight tension on the leash, immediately I would stop walking, and then just wait until he would relax his pulling.

In the beginning he looked at me in puzzlement, but quickly understood that we were to enjoy a wonderful walk, including fun games like tracking things I would hide for him behind a tree, whenever the leash was relaxed.

What an astonishing metaphor for the meditator to master the mind! Not to helplessly follow while being pulled here and there at high speed. So many methods are available, including a “Stop” to relax the leash – and maybe some day finally discard it.

I hope that little woman below my window will change her ways to become the master her dog is asking for. While I wait for that day when my mind will be running off, disappearing into nothingness… when I will remain in freedom as my absolute nature.

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Radhika is a writer, poet and designer.

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