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Shunyam Bansi reviews Prem Atta’s recently published book: “It’s as grand a human story as one could wish for.”

Whispers From Eternity book coverWhispers from Eternity
Memoirs of an Adventurous Life
by Prem Atta (Atta Melvin)
Independently published
196 pages
ISBN 979-8646002915
Available as Paperback and Kindle
amazon.com amazon.co.ukamazon.deamazon.inKindle

Atta has lived a full and wild life, free from the burdens of familial and cultural expectations, and infused with the deep mystery of pure beingness.

Like a bone that has been thoroughly steeped to its marrow, or pulp that has been utterly devoured off a fruit — these pages are windows into moments of a life that rejected nothing and welcomed everything — a life that trusted the unfolding, even when there was every reason not to.

You may find some pages to be shocking and frightful, others may inspire tears or laughter. As a composite you are likely to be personally touched by the “whisper from eternity” that so often guided Atta — a nudge into a life inspired less by social norms and more by an everlasting connection to, and pervasive permeation by, the ever-emergent existential life force.

In short, this is a first-hand account of what it was like for one woman to be alive — not just breathing and inconsequentially perambulating about like most mainstream muggles, but genuinely and wholly embracing being truly f#<%ing ALIVE! — here on planet earth for nearly 80 years. Indubitably, it’s as grand a human story as one could wish for.

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Shantam Bansi is a group facilitator, community builder, board gamer, dancer, healer, musician, and chef. fieldofawakening.com

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