Looking at the sky

Tiny Meditations

Osho says, “Lie down on the ground and just stare at the sky.”

White clouds

If one sees nought when staring into space; if with the mind one then observes the mind,
one destroys distinctions and reaches buddhahood.
The clouds that wander through the sky have no roots, no home;
nor do the distinctive thoughts floating through the mind.
Once the self-mind is seen, discrimination stops.

First stare into the sky; lie down on the ground and just stare at the sky. Only one thing has to be tried: don’t look at anything. In the beginning you will fall again and again, you will forget again and again. You will not be able to remember continuously. Don’t be frustrated, it is natural because of so long a habit. Whenever you remember again, unfocus your eyes, make them loose, just look at the sky – not doing anything, just looking. Soon a time comes when you can see into the sky without trying to see anything there.

Then try it with your inner sky:

…if with the mind one then observes the mind….

Then close your eyes and look inside, not looking for anything, just the same absent look. Thoughts floating but you are not looking for them, or at them – you are simply looking. If they come it is good, if they don’t come it is good also. Then you will be able to see the gaps: one thought passes, another comes – and the gap. And then, by and by, you will be able to see that the thought becomes transparent, even when the thought is passing you continue to see the gap, you continue to see the hidden sky behind the cloud.

And the more you get attuned to this vision, thoughts will drop by and by, they will come less and less, less and less. The gaps will become wider. For minutes together no thought coming, everything is so quiet and silent inside – you are for the first time together. Everything feels absolutely blissful, no disturbance. And if this look becomes natural to you – it becomes, it is one of the most natural things; one just has to unfocus, decondition:

…one destroys distinctions…

then there is nothing good, nothing bad; nothing ugly, nothing beautiful,

…and reaches buddhahood.

Buddhahood means the highest awakening. When there are no distinctions, all divisions are lost, unity is attained, only one remains. You cannot even call it “one,” because that too is part of duality. One remains, but you cannot call it “one,” because how can you call it “one” without deep down saying “two.” No, you don’t say that “one” remains, simply that “two” has disappeared, the many has disappeared. Now it is a vast oneness, there are no boundaries to anything.

One tree merging into another tree, earth merging into the trees, trees merging into the sky, the sky merging into the beyond… you merging in me, I merging in you… everything merging… distinctions lost, melting and merging like waves into other waves… a vast oneness vibrating, alive, without boundaries, without definitions, without distinctions… the sage merging into the sinner, the sinner merging into the sage… good becoming bad, bad becoming good… night turning into the day, the day turning into the night… life melting into death, death molding again into life – then everything has become one.

Only at this moment buddhahood is attained: when there is nothing good, nothing bad, no sin, no virtue, no darkness, no night – nothing, no distinctions. Distinctions are there because of your trained eyes. Distinction is a learned thing. Distinction is not there in existence. Distinction is projected by you. Distinction is given by you to the world – it is not there. It is your eyes’ trick, your eyes playing a trick on you.

Osho, Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, Ch 2 (excerpt)

Photo by Dallas Reedy on Unsplash

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