Human Design: Gates of the Month
May 2022


A new series by Marga.

May signs

In Human Design, as in astrology, the Sun moves from sign to sign over the course of the year, but the 360 degrees of the Zodiac are not just divided into the 12 signs, but into 64 further sections, called Gates, which are inspired by the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching, also known as the Book of Changes. In this column, we present, month by month, the Gates that are activated by the passage of the Sun, and any Channel that might take place in combination with the movement of other planets. Together they influence everything that happens to us, as we are individuals immersed in the collective cosmic energy…

Signs of the Zodiac: Taurus to Gemini

1 – 3 May – Gate 24 ~ Returning

The Sun in this position brings a tendency to think and rethink, and then think again, before acting, making a decision or forming an opinion about something. Be careful not to let yourself to be too affected by this mental atmosphere. Instead, come back down to Earth whenever indecision, or the temptation to return to the same thought, takes you too far into the head or even higher! Life is much simpler when perceived at its roots.

4 – 9 May – Gate 2 ~ Receptivity

Here is a favourable time to feel if there is a possible change of direction in the air, or if it is okay to continue on the path we are on. Gate 2 is also the place where we might succeed in listening to the voice of our heart, often obscured by too much noise from the world and our own mind. The presence of Uranus spices everything up with a sense of ineffable uncertainty and freedom: contemplate how impossible it is, often, to have one without the other, and to enjoy the thrill of possible change that might happen to you at each step of the way.

10 – 14 May – Gate 23 ~ Assimilation

When the Sun is in this Gate, the Earth is always in the opposite Gate, Gate 43, the Gate of Breakthrough; together they create the Channel of Structuring. It is a favourable time to get rid of what is not essential and to bring what no longer suits our being to an end, taking the risk of losing something today in order to gain something tomorrow. Beware of words that might upset or disturb others. And do not pay too much attention to what others say. Speaking out of turn is in the air…

15 – 20 May – Gate 8 ~ The Contribution

It might be the right time to finally bring home some results: for example, you might get proper recognition for a job well done, or be appreciated for giving good advice, for keeping quiet when you just needed to listen, or for not giving too much weight to the words of others. If you have forgotten the value of what you are capable of when you allow yourself to be available to others, now is the time to remember it. And pat yourself on your shoulder if no one else does. Let your words be of inspiration to others, or let yourself be inspired by the words of others.

21 – 26 May – Gate 20 ~ The “Now”

Energy is collected in motion, literally or otherwise, as the Sun in this Gate, along with the Earth in Gate 34, form the Channel of Keeping Busy. It is time to act and manifest something that has been waiting for the right energy to take off. One thing to avoid, however, is to force action if the time is not yet ripe. Let life give you the right directions and you just respond. Or enjoy the show without necessarily participating, if it’s not the right situation for you.

27 – 31 May – Gate 16 ~ Selectivity

This is the time to make the right choices, after having evaluated what is relevant to your life and discarded what is not. Now you can see clearly what your goal is and begin to commit your energies, skills and qualities in that direction. Use the enthusiasm inherent to this planetary position and blow up your sails with the wind of preparation, enjoying the process with passionate relaxation. Your words may be an encouragement to others, but don’t be tempted to give unsolicited advice, or follow advice dispensed without much conviction.

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