Osho Tarot Card Reading: A good slap in my face!

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Kul Bhushan collected a few testimonials from a group of meditators.

Tarot Reading

Yes. What a heading… But yes, a good slap in my face was my experience with my first Osho Tarot card reading

by Asha Amrita

As we finished the day’s Dance Meditation, Kul Bhushan, who had been leading it, announced he had a personal gift for all the women in the group. He said, “Now let’s have dinner and meet up in 20 minutes.” My response was, “I’m good with ten women for a surprise gift.” I never expected, though, that such an impact-full gift was awaiting.

We assembled, and all the women sannyasins sat in a semi-circle around a specially laid-out low table. We were asked to close our eyes and meditate with our left hand on our heart to connect with Osho. When asked to open our eyes, we saw a sweep of playing cards on the table, with Osho’s photo on the back of each one of them.

On this sacred pack, each card had a different painting representing one of Osho’s messages. With our hands on our hearts, we meditated for a few more minutes, connecting to Osho and getting ready to receive our personal message from him.

awarenessRandomly, one by one, we were chosen to come forward. Each one ran her left hand over the spread of cards, feeling the vibrations to find out which card resonated with our heart the most. A sacred activity!

As I looked at the image on the card I had selected, I saw an angry and arrogant sannyasin: a man who thinks he is always right and disregards others’ opinions. That was the message I deciphered.

As I read aloud, in front of the rest of the group, the meaning of the card from the booklet, I felt numb. It was a direct hit at my ego. A tight slap in my face. This was the message for me: Whenever you notice that you are acting out of unconsciousness, stop. Don’t be a robot. Don’t act out of ego. Have a cup of tea, wake up – then act with awareness.

Fortunately, Osho had opened my heart during the dance meditation and before the reading; making me ready to receive him. As I sat down back in the circle around the table, it sank into my being that Yes, most of my heartaches are due to my unconscious reactions. I have been fighting a futile battle trying to guard my ego. Now you see, a Master makes you ready to receive him; even for a slap. And whatever is given by a Master is good for you. That’s what Masters are here for. I’m ever thankful and blessed by his Grace…

Answer to anxieties and confusion

by Rhea Sharma

ordinarinessIt was the first time I’d played with Tarot cards and I could feel the excitement, and a rush through my veins while waiting for my turn. We first meditated, with hand on heart, absorbing and concentrating all energy in that hand. While choosing a card, we felt each card gently with the left hand.

While choosing, I felt one card calling out to me. As my hand brushed over it, my eyes got stuck on it. Even while touching other cards, I kept looking back at it and knew that that card had my message from Osho. When I flipped it over, I saw written, ‘Ordinariness’. It was just what I needed to hear. The story behind the card said, To be ordinary is a miracle. Not thirsting for the extraordinary is a miracle. Let nature take its course, allow it.

It was a most beautiful message, the answer to all my anxieties and confusion. I was at ease, relieved of all the unnecessary stress we are conditioned to burden ourselves with. So now, it’s time for me to let nature have its flow!

Something mysterious

by Anand Rajnish

enlightenmentThere were no expectations, only the sense that something mysterious was in the offing. After the meditation there was a feeling of fullness and calm. Drawing the card was exciting. I was thrilled to receive the card that said ‘Enlightenment’. Still, I was wondering what existence was telling me.

Osho’s message was – Drop all ambition to be the first to become enlightened. There is no individual enlightenment. All individuals are joined together with the whole.

How to know the ultimate

by Prem Bhadra (Dr. Sunita Yadav)

searchingIt was an amazing and wonderful experience for me. During the meditation at the start, there was in my mind the ever-burning question how to know the ultimate self / to be awakened / to know the deathless state before death. This was especially so because during the covid 19 epidemic, the untimely loss of a few close relatives had affected me greatly. During the meditation I could feel positivity and high energy, and, while touching the Tarot cards, some connection and a peaceful, calming energy.

The message for me was: Searching, Seeking, Questing. In the message Osho says: You are in great danger! At any moment – you may be loving, laughing, alive – you may find God.

The answer I received through these cards was so related and accurate. I highly recommend Osho Tarot readings to all Osho lovers.

Connecting force with Osho

by Swati Tara

surrenderThe meditation before the Tarot reading was very peaceful and calming. It made me feel very serene and tranquil. I did not have any clue as to what awaited me after the meditation. When I opened my eyes, there were cards spread in front of me and that felt very exciting; and I was happy.

With all the calming energy within me from the meditation, I intuitively picked up a card from the deck when my turn arrived. As the card was turned up, I saw that the message Osho was giving me was to surrender myself wholeheartedly – which felt very resonating for me. The message felt very personal, like a connecting force with Osho to me; as if he himself was right there guiding me.

The message was ‘Surrender’ and I just felt so connected with it. Osho says: If you want to achieve the maximum benefit out of any situation, you have to be committed totally. This will give you the key.

It was surreal!

by Aastha Sharma

hopeBefore the card reading, I was very curious because Kul Bhushan had told us that there was going to be a special message from Osho. I was very excited about it!

The silent meditation with my hand on my heart proved to be very calming. It had a soothing effect on me and I felt grounded after that. When I opened my eyes and saw the cards in front of me on the table I was quite excited and couldn’t wait for my turn.

I was called as the very last and when I read my message… it was worth the wait. The message from Osho was not to get lost in the idea of hope. Hope that someone is going to come and fulfil me. The help I need comes from within myself.

This message was so to the point regarding what’s going on in my life right now! And I truly, truly feel that in some way or other this session was meant for me; Osho has sent his personal message to me. A heartfelt thanks for the experience! It was surreal!

More info on these Tarot cards: www.sannyas.wiki

Kul Bhushan

Anand Kul Bhushan is a writer, journalist, UN media consultant and workshop/meditation leader.

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