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Subhan, co-founder of World of Meditation in Seattle, about their upcoming sale.

I’ve been a collector since I was six, and I greatly enjoy old/vintage items. Shanti [his partner, ed.] has recently become ‘infected’ with the collecting bug, and wants to start using our old eBay Seller’s space to find the right people to sell the many things we have stored in our garage!
But let me digress for a moment!

In 1986, shortly after leaving the Ranch, we headed to Maryland, my home state. Having only a small amount of savings, I slowly began purchasing collectibles again. It was the one thing I knew I could do to support us, as we made our way back into the marketplace! Within 6 months, we had enough stock and opened a storefront called ‘Anything Collectible.’ It was successful, and by 1988, we were ready to return to Pune and be with Osho. So, we sold the business and off we went for a great adventure with Osho! Then a five-year stint in Japan with periodic trips back to India; then another return to Pune for three years. And, finally coming back to the US and settling in Shanti’s hometown of Seattle, WA.

Once again, we were in need of capital, this time in order to support the World of Meditation Center that we opened in Seattle. And, once again, I pivoted back to – you guessed it! Collectibles! We had a good run, selling things at the local markets, until it became clear that we wanted to devote our total energy to the Center.

We had a glorious run! People came for meditations and workshops and other exciting events. I did individual and couples counseling sessions. And, in addition, we traveled all over the US and did workshops in New York City, New Jersey, San Francisco, around Los Angeles, Tempe, AZ, and Colorado Springs. We did classes at North Seattle College. And I also traveled to Mexico and did a number of workshops in eight different places over an eleven-year period.

And then covid came. The Center closed down to people coming. The travelling stopped. We put our total energy into online meditations, events, workshops and counseling. But the lost income made it difficult – but not impossible – to maintain the center’s business.

We have a beautiful core group of people supporting the center’s activities, from locals in the greater Seattle area, to people in Germany, Thailand, England, Taiwan, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, and different parts of the U.S. – to name a few! So, even with less income, we’ve still been able to receive enough financial support to stay open and provide support for our sangha.

And now – enter a new idea!

A short while ago, Shanti and I took one look at our garage, and realized that there were MANY things we had stored there that 1) needed to find new homes; and 2) would help produce income to support the World of Meditation Center.

Our first project was to unpack all our Osho books (and books written about him) and alphabetize them and put them on shelves. Voilà – mission accomplished! We have an amazing collection of his books, both early ones, and more recent ones too. We also have a number of books by people in the ‘Spiritual Development’ movement. We’re not intending to go into the book business. We won’t be actively looking to buy more. (Of course, if anyone wants to donate books to us for the Center, we’d be delighted to receive them!)

Next, we had a large collection of vintage tea cups and saucers that we purchased from a friend over fifteen years ago, with the intention of opening a Tea House! That dream faded into the past. And now, we’re selling them until they’re gone!

We also have old paper items – stored from our business when we first came back to Seattle. And, we have Osho paper collectibles, Osho photos, Osho Discourse and Music tape cassettes; plus 33 1/3 older Rock and Roll albums, some older 78 and 45 records; some collector’s sports and non sports cards; comics… and more!

We’re still hopeful that we’ll be able to travel again, and open up the center for live events. We’ll see what existence wants! In the meantime, if you’re interested in finding out more about our upcoming sales, check us out on our website. And do write us if you want more information about what we’re selling, as well as our online presence!

We’re so glad that Osho’s Sangha is alive and well here on Osho News. Thank you for everything that you’re doing to support Osho’s ‘work’!



Subhan is a certified counselor in Seattle, WA, USA and facilitates many different workshops.

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