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August 2022


This month’s transits discussed by Marga – with quotes for fun.

Signs and I Ching for August 2022
August 2022: From Leo to Virgo

In Human Design, as in astrology, the Sun moves from sign to sign over the course of the year, but the 360 degrees of the Zodiac are not just divided into the 12 signs, but into 64 further sections, called Gates, which are inspired by the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching, also known as the Book of Changes. In this column we present, month by month, the Gates that are activated by the passage of the Sun, and any Channel that might come into being in combination with the movement of other planets. Together they influence everything that happens to us, as we are individuals immersed in the collective cosmic energy…

This month each Gate is matched with a song, a film, a video or who knows? for you to enjoy reading while on holiday, or perhaps at the computer in the office.

Zodiac Signs: from Leo to Virgo

31 July – 5 August – Gate 33 ~ Retreat

Days to dedicate to… stories. Stories to read, to write, to watch, to remember, to listen to, to tell, even to sing. Stories to be found in a song, a poem, or a TV serial… We are in the realm of human experience, of the search for meaning and significance in everything we live and have lived, as individuals and as a species, from the mists of time to the future. The moment has arrived to go on a retreat – or holiday if you like – so that we can reframe the past and discover its storyline, whether obvious or hidden, to digest and integrate it so that it becomes wisdom. Then, from that plot we pick up the thread, to shed light on the steps still to be taken – and sometimes guide others towards what we already know – but that can reappear each time as if it were new. The secret is remembering, without nostalgia.

If everything passes, then everything has already passed, too bad I haven’t realised it yet; even though you are no longer through my fingers, I will remember tonight all my life.”
– Alex Britti, Solo una volta –

6 – 11 August – Gate 7 ~ Uniformity

This is the Gate of great leaders and capable guides. And we are not necessarily talking about indefatigable generals or heroic captains, but men and women of action who have the ability to grasp the importance of a common intent and direction and successfully communicate them to others. This requires ‘strength on the outside and discipline on the inside’. The risk is great, however: the eternal dualisms… Government and dictatorship, leadership and coercion, community and herd, rebellion and reaction, freedom and licence, commitment and indifference, responsibility and obligation, justice and oppression, law and protocol, legitimate armies and death squads… These days you can observe and contemplate all this and perhaps it will reveal itself more clearly, in your world and within you. Virtue and nobility of spirit speak softly, but they change the world.

Survival often requires courage.”
– Hae-Joo Chang, Cloud Atlas –

12 – 16 August – Gate 4 ~ Mental Solutions

A Gate that stimulates and restimulates the thought process as to deal with reality by seeking answers and solving problems. It is a youthful, immature and inexperienced approach, but absolutely necessary to the human journey. Wisdom comes only after realising that some problems cannot be solved and that some questions remain unanswered: either because they do not really exist, or because they are mysteries to be gone through. These days it is important to exercise ‘witnessing’ so as not to get caught up in a collective tendency to mentalise life instead of… living it. And sometimes answers and solutions come to us precisely when we stop looking for them where we think they should be, and instead remain open to the natural flow of ideas and resources! Be careful not to underestimate others and overestimate yourself. Forgiveness is the key to oversights committed and endured.

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.”
– Bob Dylan, Blowing in the Wind –

17 – 22 August – Gate 29 ~ Commitment

This Gate opens the possibility for new or unexpected proposals: be careful how you respond. A ‘yes’ can be automatic or it can be genuine. It is important to understand the difference well before accepting. It is one thing to make a commitment because there is no real reason not to, quite another to take responsibility for an undertaking that could change the course of your life. It is always the case, at each and every small turn, even though we often do not realise it and ignore the dangers inherent in every single moment of life…

Be careful about the steps you take: after having understood what they are, you have to discover the specific sequence in which to take them. The danger lies in untimeliness and absence of caution, the glory in being able to discern every sign you find on your path. And in the end success or failure awaits you, just like in a video game…

“A virus… It has infected the main character of your game, provided him with a kind of consciousness, so that now he plays by himself and no longer answers your questions, as if he had acquired an autonomous life…”
– Nirvana, G. Salvadores –

23 – 28 August – Gate 59 ~ Intimacy

A fundamental Gate for the survival of all species: intimacy, which on a biological level enables the procreation of new individuals and, on another level, guarantees relationships and interactions. It is a genetic drive to connect, to enter the space of others and to let others into one’s own space. Perhaps it is no coincidence, at least at our latitudes, that most children are conceived during the summer holidays! And it is the closest thing to a human mating season that we can imagine! Wherever you are on your life journey, embrace the creative urge and surrender to this irresistible force that will inevitably bear fruit when the time is right. Be careful not to waste energy, though. The laws that govern the human heart are the same that steer your choices at the highest levels of consciousness…

After Friedrich Nietzsche declared that “God is Dead” – the word FUCK has become the most important word in the English language.”
– Osho, The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here, Ch 23, Q 3) –

Note: On 29 August 2022, the Sun moves into Gate 40, Deliverance, which we will discuss next month.

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