Movement is Medicine: The Potential for Self-Renewal is in Your Bones

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Volume 8 of Somatic Intelligence by Suresha Hill out now! An introduction by the author.

Movement Is Medicine

As a child, although I didn’t have words for it, I could see and feel all around certain types of tension and unrest in adults that we began to embody. Our personalities were being shaped by what was happening around us in the neighborhood, in school, in church, and of course, at home – whether or not anyone was talking about it directly. It brought about a type of curiosity that never faded. Where was all this underlying tension coming from, and why were people getting sick, dying young, and taking medicine for this and that type of pain?

Young and altruistic, a mission unfolded inside me to try to change the way children were raised and treated in school. That was a big pill to swallow in and of itself, but when my husband – a chemistry major – came back from class one day and said, “There’s no reason for the body to age!” I was even more motivated to understand how it all works when it does, and what happens when the body or mind don’t work so well.

Years later, my Hanna Somatics teacher held the position that aging is a myth and another path of transformation opened up. Learning methods and techniques over the years to heal my own body and psyche was very revealing, and serving thousands of clients using these methods continued to peak my interest because, even accounting for individual differences, there still seemed to be a missing link in our understanding.

How does the body make decisions that turn health into dis-ease and dysfunction? For that piece to become more clear, a deeper understanding of what the body is was required.

The prior volumes of Somatic Intelligence – Volumes 4, 5, 6, and 7 dive into those ‘answers’, describing the multi-layered, multi-dimensional aspects of how this miracle (body/mind) functions.

Volume 8, Movement is Medicine, unravels exactly what happens that can be seen under a microscope, at the nano-molecular level, and explains how it gets messed up and what we can do to turn it around into a balanced, integrated whole again.

It specifically targets the amazing ways that touch and movement are heard and responded to by many systems, and describes how to best use them to keep our cells from morphing into a host of chronic illnesses that are otherwise avoidable.

To the points made earlier about the body aging, it can happen at any age, or not – if you know what distorts the cells and how to prevent it. Although the body is definitely exquisite in its complexity, demystifying the topic of aging in the book is as simple as it is fascinating.

Movement is Medicine, as well as the other volumes, are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers. Volume 8 is offered in color or black & white paperback, pdf, and ebook.

Suresha Hill, EdS, HSE, DOMTP, is the author of 9 books on healing, is an Osteopathic Manual Therapist and Hanna Somatic Educator. She lives in Marin County, north of San Francisco, CA.

“From cover to cover, this book is incredibly detailed and informative as well as very reader-friendly. It is sure to keep both professional and lay readers engaged throughout. I felt like I learned something new on every page, either with new information or with new ways of understanding or linking old information. A must-read for anyone interested in optimal health and well-being for themselves or their patients.”
John Loupos, M.S, H.S.E.; Author of The Sustainable You – Somatics & the Myth of Aging and of Tai Chi Connections

Movement is Medicine is a full and rich view of human development from beginning to end, with research in cellular biology, nutrition, epigenetics, and movement. What is exciting about this book is that it opens up realms of healing potentials giving the living participant the tools, options, knowledge, and inherent gifts of Nature to be able to reach their full healing ability and longevity. I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn more on the path to self healing and natural, conscious living.”
Charmaine Larsen, Yoga and Meditation teacher

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