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(22 June 1954 – 10 October 2022)

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It’s all a surprise!”
“É tudo uma surpresa!”
(Prabhu, 2022)

Prem Prabhu (divine love) passed away on full moon day in Brasilia, Brazil. He was an artist and holistic therapist. One of the pioneer Brazilian disciples of Osho, he was initiated into sannyas in 1975 and was in Pune between late 1976 and early 1977.

He was the coordinator of the Purnam Meditation Centre, in Porto Alegre, and later of the Amrito Centre, in Brasilia, where he settled in 1978. In November of that year, he held the first Meditation Camp open to the public in Brazil. Until then, the Camps were closed and only the sannyasins associated to a certain Centre took part in them.

Prabhu was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. At the moment of his serene departure from this incarnation in Brasilia, he was accompanied by his lifelong companion, Ma Prem Nitya, and his two sons, Dhyan Ramdas and Prem Ariel, who also live in Brasilia. Nitya sent me a message via whatsapp on October 10 after lunch, saying only: “rested”, followed by the image of a heart.

Our dear friend Prabhu faced a chronic leukemia that led him to be hospitalized, have his condition worsened by some complications, and be admitted to an Intensive Care Unit, where he received all possible medical and vibrational care. On Monday morning the 10th, Nitya and his sons were called by the hospital medical staff and informed that Prabhu was in his last moments of life in the body.

The three – Nitya, Ramdas and Ariel – then stayed for some time in Prabhu’s physical presence, cherishing him, lovingly touching his hands, head, heart, feet. Songs from Osho’s world were already being played for Prabhu periodically, and Nitya also found in them inspiration and encouragement to lovingly and meditatively go through the whole process – throughout the treatment and at the moment of passing.

Prabhu had previously decided that he wished to be cremated, and the ceremony took place on October 11. The atmosphere was flavoured with lavender essence. Pictures of Prabhu, his art and his family were displayed on a panel. Songs by Osho continued to poetically and transcendentally nurture the atmosphere of the departure of our beloved Swami, who was 68 years old.

On his stay in Pune in the late 1970s, Osho gave Prabhu a small wooden box as a gift, which the devout disciple preserved until his last day on Earth. The little box was cremated along with Prabhu’s physical body, as reported by Nitya.

Cancerian, ex-surfer and ex-student of Architecture at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Prabhu decided to dedicate himself body and soul to art after returning from India, in 1977. He started with the Batik technique, later on painting canvases and continuously experimenting with drawing, colours and the message that his heart urged him to express and share with the world. He held exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

He lived integrally of his art, gave courses and workshops. He also worked as a holistic therapist, always very connected with the sannyas world in Brazil and other countries. He liked to interact with sannyasins on social networks and in private communications, in Portuguese and English.

Besides the silence, love and blessings of our Master Osho, the song ‘Lord of the Full Moon’ accompanied Prem Prabhu’s last moments and provided a beautiful and peaceful farewell for his final flight after a creative and blessed journey on this planet.

‘Prabhu will live forever in our hearts,’ Nitya told me, and I reiterate!

Namaste, Swami!


By Anand Neerava, from Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Santa Catarina (Brazil), with information from Nitya, Ariel and Ramdas. English version by Gyandeva

Family and friends

Alert and some photos thanks to Madhav Krishna

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More Tributes

Fly butterfly, little bee
Fly leaf, fly flower
Fly into nature,
Mingle with the forests, with the rivers and the waterfalls
Father, thank you so much for your Presence!

Voa borboleta, abelhinha
voa folha, voa flor
voa para a natureza,
Se misture com as matas, com os rios e com as cachoeiras
Pai, muito obrigado pela tua Presença!

Poem by Prem Ariel, his son, for the painting below Prabhu was still painting on:

unfinished untitled painting by Prabhu
unfinished untitled painting by Prabhu

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