Manifesting Meditative Music


A new series of zoom events with Nandin (January to March 2023).

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The path

We start with the body by using movement like Yoga, Qi Gong, or a simple martial arts warm-up. We follow that with a meditation with music and movement or perhaps a guided meditation. This way we remove blocks, reduce anxiety and free up our creativity. (Yay!)

From this centered inner space, we dabble with simple improvisations – perhaps using a theme from a piece you’ve been working on, or just a few notes from a particular scale. (It’s on Zoom, you’ll be muted, so you are free to play as you like!)

Special backing tracks (which I will provide) make this process easy, fun and deeply satisfying.

You will discover so much about music, meditation and most importantly, about yourself!

A replay will also be available, so you can review what we’ve done and play along again as often as you like.

This is for you when:

  • You want to bring your authentic self into your music and daily life.
  • You want to express music from your innermost core and send your unique musical frequency out into the world.
  • You’re attracted to the idea! Playing music this way is nourishing. Sharing it is a delight!


It was great. I enjoyed it very much! It gives me a lot of ideas and things to work on in between. I like the yoga exercises and shaking. I notice if I do that before my music lesson, I’m more relaxed. Just five or ten minutes to breathe deeply in my lungs and belly and things are flowing better. I also know how you work, and you are very respectful and open. You have a way of encouraging people and getting the best out of them.
Nurse and Naturopath

You lighten up the room and are inspiring people to get in touch with the joy that is inherent in us all. You pull the joy out of them, that’s a gift you have. I know your storytelling is inspiring us to look at our own humanness. It was such an honor to be there today. You are amazing!
Professional flutist and educator

I liked it very much! There was a pleasant and wonderful energy in nature with birds and other animals (from the slide show). I want to thank you. It was like the first time you enter a foreign world of music, absolutely beautiful and interesting!
Singer and xylophonist

It was amazing today! I sang in a world full of calm sound like in the middle of a forest! It was fun! Thanks for this meditation. ❤
Flutist and pianist

It was such a pleasure, I enjoyed every minute.
Professional violinist


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Born in Canada but living in Germany, Nandin is a classically-trained flutist who often played very non-classical music in Buddha Hall in Pune.

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