Colours of Silence


A new song by Madhuro.

I have been asked to write a little story about the song and I realise that all I have to share, as for most of my songs, is the atmosphere in which I write songs.

It all starts with one or more inspiring chords. This for me creates the landscape into which I drown. I can relax into it; it touches my heart and soul. From this, whatever melody and words arise are put into the musical context.

Musically and technically speaking, I often choose suspended chords, those chords that do not resolve or define, but instead create an atmosphere of suspense, openness and mystery.

I am not expressing concepts or saying anything logical, no consequential stories. Just like an abstract painter I gently splash colours and feelings on the canvas. In this case ‘colours of silence’.


Colours of Silence
Trying to catch the stars
In the stillness of the night
Sometimes I sing
And my heart is flying away
Glimpses of an endless happiness
Singing what the words can’t say
I was waiting for this blissfulness
I was waiting
Blessings from the sky
I was waiting
Music as the colours of silence
Glimpses of an endless happiness


Deva Madhuro is an Italian singer-songwriter. He has produced several CDs, among them ‘Come l’Acqua’, ‘I keep on loving you’, and ‘Sweet Emptiness’.

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