Two pills

1001 Tales told by the Master

“We are greedy. We live through greed…”

woman with pram

A true Master never promises anything. In fact he shatters you completely – your greed, your desire, your idea of becoming somebody, being somebody – he shatters all in all. A real Master is a rock against which your boat is completely shattered… your whole mind is shattered. He drives you crazy; he does not argue. His argument is more of his being than of his words.

But we are greedy. We live through greed, we are afraid, full of fear – somebody gives us consolation, we become victims. A real Master is not a consolation, he is not a solace. He is, in fact, death to you. He kills you, he destroys you, he is very destructive… but creativity is possible only when the old is destroyed. When the old ceases to be, the new can enter in.

I have heard a beautiful anecdote. Meditate over it….

The letter from Sean to his old, old mother was heartening.

‘Dear mother,’ he wrote, ‘I am sending you some pills that a witch doctor gave me and if you take one, it will take years off your life.’

He came home a few weeks later, and there was a beautiful young woman outside his house rocking a pram in which a baby lay sucking a bottle.

‘Where’s my mother?’ he asked.

‘Arrah, don’t be silly,’ she said. ‘I’m your mother and these pills were marvellous.’

‘Imagine!’ said Sean. ‘One pill, and you’re as beautiful as anyone could be – and what’s more, you were able to have a baby. Lord, but they were powerful!’

‘You madman!’ she cried. ‘That’s not a baby, that’s your father. He took two!’

Avoid greed – otherwise you will take two pills.

Osho, The Divine MelodyTalks on Songs of Kabir, Ch 1

Series compiled by Shanti
All excerpts of this series can be found in: 1001 Tales

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