Horoscope for the Month of Pisces 2023


This month’s horoscope by Phoebe with quotes by Osho; “The whole ocean will be delivered to you – it belongs to you.”

Pisces Mandala by Padma
‘Pisces’ © by Deva Padma, available as fine art print from devapadma-prints.com

Phoebe would like to point out that we all have all the twelve zodiac signs in our horoscope – some with planets in them and some are empty – meaning some of the themes addressed are in the foreground and some in the background of our lives. “I recommend readers to read all twelve quotes, not just their star sign, for a wider perspective on the themes of the month,” she says.

Planetary Positions

Sun in Aquarius enters Pisces on 18th February.
New Moon 20th February in Pisces. Full Moon 7th March in Virgo.
Mercury in Aquarius enters Pisces on 2nd March, and then Aries on 19th March.
Venus in Pisces enters Aries on 20th February.
Mars in Gemini.
Jupiter in Aries.
Saturn in Aquarius enters Pisces on 7th March.
Uranus in Taurus.
Neptune in Pisces.
Pluto in Capricorn.
Chiron in Aries.

Mood of the Month

“The whole ocean will be delivered to you – it belongs to you. It is already within you. Your insight just has to grow more; your awareness has to be more clear; your silence has to be more deep, more profound. And all these qualities are almost ready to explode within you. It is just that you don’t allow them. You are preventing them. Nobody wants to be… a pure nothingness. The moment you are ready to disappear a new presence arises in you which has nothing to do with ‘I’ and ‘me’, which is part of the whole existence. And then only the thirst is quenched… Take a jump into your own nothingness and disappear. Your disappearance is your enlightenment.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 27


“You have to learn a different kind of effort, what Lao Tzu calls effortless effort, utterly relaxed, because you are not going anywhere. You are simply relaxing within yourself… Not going outwards, withdrawing all your energy… just be now and here. There is no question of tension, there is no question of any worry. Silently you will slip into your own being and you will feel a great presence… That is the great effort which is effortless which will bring… the ultimate experience… Just doing nothing, sitting silently, and the grass grows by itself.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 8


“There are two ways of living. One is the way of the buffalo – it lives horizontally, in a single line. The other way is of a buddha. He lives vertically, in height and in depth. Then each moment can become an eternity… Learn the art of transforming each moment into an eternity… Don’t waste your time in trivia but live, sing, dance, love as totally and overflowingly as you are capable of. And no fears will interfere, and you will not be worried what will happen tomorrow. Today is enough unto itself. Lived, it is so full it leaves no space to think about anything else. Unlived worries come, fears come.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 25


“Everybody has different skins only. Inside is the same consciousness. Whether you are hearing a voice or you are hearing silence, remember… who is the watcher, who is the witness? In every experience – when you are angry, when you are in love, when you are in greed, when you are in despair, it is the same key – just watch… Are you really in danger, or are you only a witness?… Whatever happens on the outside, inside is the same witness… This witness is our truth. This witness is our ultimate reality, our eternal reality.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 3


“The feeling of being a personality is a mirage. It arises because you never go in… You are living outside your own home and the home is being occupied… Queues of old and dead people are living within you. Hence, when for the first time one enters on the path of meditation, the first encounter shakes one to the very roots. One sees many faces and many people except… the one individual that he is… Only one thing belongs to you in this whole experience. That is the watcher, the witness. Who is witnessing… the ever-changing flux of personalities? Who is watching the shaking of the roots? Certainly he is beyond all of it. That beyondness is yours!”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 12


“Everybody wants to know his inner reality, but you will have to lose something, you will have to pay for it. There is nothing in existence available without payment. If you want to know yourself, you will have to drop all false identities – they are your investments, they are your power, they are your prestige, they are your religion, they are your qualifications. It is difficult to drop them. It feels like death. Certainly meditation is a death, a death of all that is false in you. And only then that which is not false is experienced. That experience is resurrection, a new life, the birth of a new man!”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 12


“We are part of existence, we are not separate… you are born of it. Every moment you are renewed, rejuvenated, resurrected by each of your breaths, by each of your heartbeats. Existence is taking care of you… Whether you are awake or asleep, existence goes on pouring life into you and taking out all that is dead. There are a thousand and one things in you which could go wrong, but they are all functioning in deep harmony… And if you become consciously aware of it, this creates a great trust in you. There is no need to have any anxiety, no need of any anguish… Existence takes care.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 18


“Your first and most primary step towards finding the meaning and significance of life is to enter into your aloneness. It is your temple, it is where your god lives, and you cannot find this temple anywhere else… Once you have entered your innermost core of being you cannot believe your own eyes – you were carrying so much joy, so many blessings, so much love… and you were escaping from your own treasures! Knowing these treasures and their inexhaustibility, you can move now into relationships, into creativity… Whatever you make, whatever you do, you will spread your silence, your peace, your blessings into everything possible.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 6


“Don’t make the search for truth a serious phenomenon. Take it easy, and remember ‘easy is right.’ If strong winds take you hither and thither, don’t resist; they appear strong because of your resistance. Relax, go with them. Go with them with totality… because the truth that you are seeking is everywhere. All that is needed is a relaxed consciousness to see it… Be a little more playful. Dance with the wind. Allow the wind to take you to the north, to the south, to the east, to the west, without any resistance. In your resistance exists your ego… And what is egolessness? It is your relaxed state of being, a let-go.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 19


“There are things which have to be done, and there are things which have not to be done. Things that can be done are ordinary, mundane, mediocre, of the objective world. Things which happen, and cannot be done, belong to a superior, higher order of existence. If you are feeling that you would like… to blossom, then wait with deep longing as a seed… Just waiting is needed. And the waiting should not be impatient, because impatient waiting means you don’t trust existence… Your impatience may block the door for the spring to come to you. Just remain available, with a deep longing just like a thirst in every cell of your body, a passion. And spring has always come!”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 12


“In your mind there is a robot part. If you repeat a certain thing, the robot part takes it over. Then… you are unburdened of thinking, you are unburdened of responsibility. And the robot part is very efficient, it is mechanical. It has its use, and it has its misuse… As you enter into the world of higher consciousness… you need always a fresh mind, an innocent mind which knows nothing, and responds to a situation… from the very living source of your life… The situation may be old but you… remain young and fresh! Just try new responses. They will not be as efficient as mechanical responses, but efficiency is not a great value in spiritual life.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 15


“Life has many components. They can all live together like a crowd – noisy, conflicting with each other, fighting to dominate – that’s how we create a hell. Hell is your inability to bring the crowd within you to a peaceful, loving existence. It is the inability to create an orchestra out of your being. The man who can create an orchestra out of his being, whose mind, heart, being, are all in tune, has created paradise for himself, and an energy field around himself which will affect others also. It is everybody’s task – in fact it is the only task, the only challenge life gives to you – whether you turn it into a hell or into a heaven.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 21


“Mind in silence allows the greatest experience of life, the arising of a new phenomenon – witnessing. We are all living and we are all a little bit conscious too, otherwise life would be impossible, but our consciousness is very superficial… Witnessing is as deep as you are, as existence is. It is the deepest point of life in existence where one simply watches what remains to watch – a tremendous silence, a great joy, a beautiful existence surrounding you, and a deep ecstasy, a song without words and a dance without movement. Witnessing is the ultimate experience of religion. Only those who arrive at it have really lived – others have been only vegetating.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 18

Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss is a regular contributor for the monthly horoscope and is the author of various books on astrology – astrophoebe.com


Padma is an internationally exhibited artist, the creator and designer of the Osho Zen Tarot and the Tao Oracle. embraceart.com

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