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An Osho Meditation Camp was held on February 10, 11 and 12 at a beautiful resort in Cheruthuruthy, Kerala, reports Dhyan Tarpan.

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The event happened just like that. It all started when, a few years ago, a couple of my friends, Mahesh and Ragini Krishnan to be precise, urged me to organize a camp. After the covid lockdown, we leisurely started to make plans. But, quite unexpectedly, it came into being in a blink!

When we met on Friday, almost fifty people were present. On that first evening we had a taster of Awareness Intensive: Who is in? Next morning we had a celebration in honour of Laherubhai who had left us on September 24, 2022. Although he had never taken part in any of our camps, because of health issues, he would always enquire about, and give encouragement for, the many camps we had here. For some of us it was as if he was always present among us.

Laherubhai was celebrated also for something he had told me a while back and about which he wrote in detail in his memoir, Blessed Moments with Osho. He had shared with us a most intimate and insightful moment with Osho: “For me it is always the same situation, like once he (Osho) told me that he would take my hand and drag me into the ocean… and then leave me there.”

Yes, I understand, some Masters save the disciples, but some Masters leave the disciples in mid-sea, so they learn how to save themselves…

Nila Nadhi (Bharat River)

The place where we stayed was the River Retreat Heritage Ayurvedic Resort in Cheruthuruthy, Shoranur. It’s located the river bank of the famous Nila Nadhi (Bharat River). The meditations and celebrations were held inside a beautiful hall which was built parallel to the river. One side of the hall was open to the river with full-size windows. In the morning the river was covered with fog and I could see the silhouettes of the participants against the reluctantly rising sun, especially during Dynamic Meditation. I took some clicks with my mobile.

As you would expect, the camp was focused on Osho’s Active Meditations, especially Dynamic Meditation.

Like a tsunami wave, it just shattered
whoever / whatsoever stood against it.
No one was left unaffected when the gates of emotional reservoirs
crashed open in the Catharsis Club.
It was a special programme arranged for closer watching
of the second stage of Dynamic Meditation;
how to open up without any judgment and monitoring of oneself,
the very tricky and magical moment of being consciously mad,
as Osho has instructed so clearly.

There was also a sort of Tarot session where everyone could write down an issue on which they wanted to get clarity through this camp. That piece of paper was then coupled to a printed Osho quote, which was picked out by everyone like a Tarot card. On the last day of the camp, as its last session, these quotes were given back
and… Ah, this!

Like a cool breeze in a winter morning,
it just touched everyone’s heart so gently, with care.
No one left unheard the ancient music in the pines.
We all took a sacred bath in the Ganges of silence.

There was live music for all Evening Meetings, laughter and delight for no reason. We also had a special live music programme with percussion and flute.

And every moment during the camp kept echoing a fundamental quest: Who is in? Who is in?

As Osho always reminds us,
No reason is sufficient to be sad,
and no reason is needed to celebrate.
It is up to everyone whether to participate or not.
But how can one stand aside,
when such a joyful fest of love and gratitude is going on
in and out?
We all facilitated
We all participated
We all celebrated
We all thanked each other.

Thanks also to the River Retreat,
the beautiful hall
where the events were happening,
the river bank,
the pathways,
as those who walked the path
are no longer the same.


Dhyan Tarpan is a writer, translator and musician from Kerala.

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