Moon in Full

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A calming mix of art and music for meditation, relaxation, and contemplation – Deva Padma and Deuter.

Art: Deva Padma (

Music: Deuter (

The track ‘Marfa Lights 2’ is part of the CD East of the Full Moon (New Earth Records) and is the first track on Deuter’s album, Mysterium, available on all major streaming services and in CD format.

Enjoy a few heartful moments of calm as my art drifts with Deuter’s exquisite piano music.
– Deva Padma

The evocative paintings of Ma Deva Padma melt and merge into the exquisite music of Deuter. These artists are friends and fellow creators. This creation expresses a love of nature, spiritual abundance and the awesome beauty of the Moon in Full.

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