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Review and links to hear samples (and buy) Milarepa and One Sky band’s new CD


This month has seen the release of the long awaited new CD by Milarepa (it has been five years of waiting!). Its title is Daydreams and its cover shows a painting by Siddhena. The neatly placed colours with white spaces in-between depict a wholesome, idyllic hamlet, complete with rainbow, bees and butterflies but with an energetic, questioning, maybe even stirring, wild sun reflecting the spirit of the songs. With the same clarity the solo parts by brilliant pianist Sidhamo, and Atmo’s trumpet find their place between the lyrics sung by Milarepa, in places backed by Sudhananda’s gentle voice and guitar.

Milarepa’s lyrics express feelings, thoughts and insights familiar to all of us ‘on the path’. But few of us could have expressed them as poetry and even fewer compose a song out of them. My favourite song is ‘Blue Sky’ which I think will go down in history as one of the sannyas songs (like Milarepa’s older songs ‘I Can Hear You’, ‘Osho We Your People’ or ‘Your Love is an Invitation’ to name just a few). And I cannot wait to figure out the chords and learn the lyrics (which I can comfortably find in the cover booklet) to sing and play it myself.

Some of my other favourites are ‘River of Grace’, ‘Wish for a Rainbow’, and and and… And for sure I did not miss in ‘Love Is the Answer’ the tribute to ‘Oshoba’, Nivedano’s high-energy White Robe music where Milarepa used to play the big surdo drum. The last piece, ‘Stone Buddhas’ – which happens to have no lyrics – gives credit to Milarepa’s abilities as a composer and to the quality of his band One Sky (and to the sound engineers).

Each song finds a clear, specific place in world music, adopting a country or tradition, playing around its styles and rhythms. This is certainly thanks to the contribution by the versatile drummer and percussionist Teerth and, of course, by Chandira’s supporting bass lines.

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Listen to track samples on this web page… or watch video below
Buy from Osho Risk Bookstore Denmark or Osho Publikaties Amsterdam
or directly from Milarepa during a concert or by mail:

Milarepa is looking into possibilities to have the CD available online (watch this space)


Milarepa is one of the songwriters and singers in the ‘World of Osho’. He sang for Osho, for the first time, in one of the first Celebrations on the Ranch and since then has been a prolific songwriter. During the World Tour Osho named him Director of the Institute of Music and Celebration. In Pune 2 he played for the White Robe Evening Meditations, Music Groups and Sannyas Celebrations. With his band One Sky he now tours the world giving concerts and music festivals.

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