Belt of Energy Needed To Avoid Global Death


In this excerpt, Osho answers the question if the energy in Rajneeshpuram is always positive.

It is always positive. My sickness is a physical thing; the energy has nothing to do with my body. The energy is never sick. It is never negative – I mean the energy of an enlightened person is never negative.

The energy of an unenlightened person is always negative. The unenlightened knows nothing of positive energy. He only reads books on positive thinking, and this and that. Idiots like Norman Vincent Peale go on writing books on positive thinking, and millions of people read those books, thinking that perhaps by positive thinking they can become millionaires, by positive thinking they can produce palaces. And they don’t bother about how many palaces Norman Vincent Peale has created. They don’t bother at all that Rockefeller has never read Peale, that Henry Ford has no idea of Peale.

It is not a question of positive thinking. Positive thinking is appealing only to negative people, because they know their negativity continuously. But without enlightenment you cannot have positive energy. So I say: throw away all those books on positive thinking. They are deluding you. They are giving you a sense as if without being enlightened you can be positive. That is impossible. Positivity is beyond the door of enlightenment. Negativity is on this side, the night is on this side – the black hole – and the day is on the other side, where the sun never sets.

So as far as I am concerned, I am always overflowing with energy. My body can be sick, but that makes no difference to my innermost being; it remains exactly the same. And whether I am speaking or silent, my field is vibrating – is ready to welcome anybody who comes with an open heart, is ready to receive into the innermost center of the energy field one who is not resistant, not reluctant, but is ready, vulnerable, open, is willing to risk.

Earth Eaves


There is a field already existing, and the moment you enter Rajneeshpuram you will feel a different air, a different milieu, a different silence, a different loving energy all over the place. But those who come with closed eyes and closed heart, those who come with prejudices already determined, with their conclusions… Naturally they come, they go – and they remain untouched by the immense energy that was available, free.

I have been known around the world as the “free sex” teacher. Now they should change it, because things have gone far beyond sex. Sex is energy, the energy of the sleepy man; the moment a man becomes enlightened, the same energy turns into a positive field. Now they should start calling me the “free energy” guru, because I have traveled miles and they go on calling me something which I have left far behind.

Even if I die, and my people can remain rejoicing, loving, the energy field will remain. I cannot take it away with me. But if they start being ordinary again, jealous, full of hate, hostility, violence, then they will destroy the energy field.

I have created the energy field; now it exists almost independent of me. And my whole effort is that while I am alive I should detach myself completely from the energy field and see whether my people can manage it.

And that’s what I am doing every day. I am giving more and more responsibility to my people. I am sending people from one commune to another. If twenty people are ready here, I send them to Germany. If in Japan they need people, I send them there. Twenty people go to Germany and from that commune twenty people come here. So in both ways it is a great exchange program. My twenty people there will try to create the energy field, and those twenty people here will learn how energy fields are created and how one should preserve them.

Soon I want a belt of energy around the earth. And as far as I am concerned, that energy belt is the only hope for life to exist beyond this century. Otherwise, the politicians have already arranged for global death.

Osho, The Last Testament, Vol 1, Ch 20

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