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Q: What exactly do you do in the bathroom for three hours a day? Or should we not discuss that on videotape?


Just I enjoy sitting under the shower, lying down in my tub. I change from hot, extreme hot, to extreme cold, freezing water. That is immensely healthful to the body. One and a half hours is not long. It goes so fast because I enjoy it so much. So three hours go into the bathroom.

Two hours, or two and a half hours in the morning, I talk to my disciples. Then in the night, two hours, just the way I am talking to you, I talk to some journalist, some author. So four or five hours I am talking.

Then I enjoy my food. I don’t like to talk even, because whatever I am doing, I want to do it totally. When I am eating, then I just want to eat and relish every bite to the fullest. So one hour or one and a half hours – because I take two meals, lunch and supper – and then I take, before I go to sleep in the night, my whole life I have taken some special sweets which are made only in Bengal, India. So in all, one and a half hours goes to my food.

Two hours I sleep in the day. I have napped as long as I can remember, and I love to sleep because to me sleep is just meditation, as pure and as simple and as relaxing. And whatever time remains in the night, I go to bed at about ten or eleven, it depends on the interview. I wake up at six in the morning. I love sleeping on a king size bed – I love big things!

Osho, The Last Testament Vol. 1, Ch 8, Excerpt from an Interview with Denise Kovacevic, KATU TV, Channel 2, Portland, Oregon

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